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  • Hi Zulf,

    I completely switched over to using Ridizain now. When proudly showing the site to some friends just this week I realized that it looked rather ugly. The guys apparently are using older versions of IE (not sure which version exactly, will try to find out if that helps). Is there a way to cope with older browser versions?

    Thanks Sandra

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  • Theme Author Brian Harris


    Hello Sandra,

    First of all thanks for choosing and using Ridizain.

    Re IE – the supported versions are 9+. IE8 is the worst of the bunch, if you read around the net you find the issue is that there some files missed in .NET that are normally included to support browsers – unfortunately that is out of our control.

    IE7 you can just about get away with it but support for the current CSS3 standards lacks for most elements. It would help however to know which version of IE is in use and some screenshot would be of help to find a solution if at all possible.


    Hi, I know this thread is almost 10 months old, but I recently came across the same problem. When I checked my website a couple of days ago in IE10, it really did look weird. The primary sidebar seems to be pushed to one side and is somewhat compressed. I would really like to remove the left sidebar, but only in case of IE. The site looks fine when viewed from Chrome and Firefox. Is there a way I can make the theme more compatible to the older browsers?

    My website is I have also attached a few screenshots of the site, as seen using IE10.


    Theme Author Brian Harris


    Is there a way I can make the theme more compatible to the older browsers?

    Short of implementing a whole load of IE hacks unfortunately there are no simple ways to fix IE issues.

    For the time being I do not have the time capacity to be able to sit down with all the IE permutations and be able to come up with some sort of a fix.

    Sorry to disappoint but I hope you understand.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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