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  • i’ve been trying to get a theme like the one at and i know its not really a theme. more like just css, but i don’t know where to put it, or/and how. i’m new to wordpress. so..

    i want it to say all the stuff. like the header, the footer, (posted by aly..etc.) if you want, you could help me make the whole css or do it exactly, and i’ll modify it. i would really like it if someone helped.

    so far, i have gotten that far. doesn’t look so great.


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  • First of all the two sites you are trying to emulate aren’t based on WordPress.

    Secondly if I’m not mistaken both designs are done by professionals, meaning they may fall under a copyright and you would need permission to copy them.

    As someone new to WP I suggest you look thru all the themes available and choose one, play with it to learn how WP, and css work.

    In the long run you will be alot better off.

    Look thru this switcher that allows you to see all the themes available:

    its under the folder wordpress..

    And what does that mean? What’s “under the folder?”

    Are you attempting to say the two subject sites are WP?

    It doesn’t matter, WP or not. My point was – and it’s based on the assumption you are new to WP and CSS – is someone with limited knowledge such as yourself would be much better off starting at a lower level of design complexity.

    If you desire a complexc design try this one called “APlus” It is one or if not the most complex WP design I have seen and all you would have to do is drop the files into your theme folder.

    Both of the referenced sites are running on WordPress. Nonetheless, no one here is going to design a site for you for free, especially if you just want a knock-off of somebody else’s design. Remember, this a support forum, not a design one.

    However, the WordPress Codex contains a number of resources that will give you a gentle introduction to designing your own theme. In particular, check out the Lessons section, which will give you a good start.

    As for the two sites referenced, I can’t say that I would recommend emulating those designs. They’re unreadable and inaccessible, eliminate virtually all WordPress functionality, don’t even validate, and–in my opinion–are ugly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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