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  1. Kasper
    Posted 3 years ago #


    What is the name on themes that have the same setup, as on http://tiwib.com ? I mean where the posts, are posted as on a webshop, in small boxes.

    If this type of themes havenĀ“t a name, can anyone tell me if, there is any free or premium themes that have this setup?

    Kasper Toxvig

  2. Marvel Labs
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Dear Kasper,

    The name of the theme is Prosense Grey
    and you can get it here..


  3. Be careful linking to "free" theme sites like that. Sometimes the theme will have added spam in it that you don't want.

    That is a heavily modified version of the ProSense theme. The ProSense theme itself is no longer offered or supported officially, and is about 4 years behind the times. You'd be better off looking for a newer theme and modifying it to work how you want.

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