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    Dear all,

    I’ve been searching for what seems like ages ( in reality it must be a couple of hours) to try to find out licensing requirements for themes from the site.

    I would like to use a nice theme called “I feel Dirty” from the wordpress themes directory, but I cannot possibly leave the name of the theme on the page as it is for a school blog.

    So I thought I would search around to find out where I could read license requirements but I couldn’t find one single authoritative page on the question. Unfortunately the developer’s homepage is in Spanish too, so I can’t read it to figure what the requirement is.

    So my questions are:

      Does anyone know if there is a general license agreement for WP themes?
      If there isn’t a general agreement, do you think theme developers should be encouraged / made to write the license agreements as part of the documentation they provide to the WP Themes page? This way users could easily and simply figure out if the theme is suitable for their use or not

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions,


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  • did you download the theme and check the readme file? you might find some useful info there. I think you should be ok though, most developers prefer you leave their info there, but don’t require it. especially in a situation like yours, you have a valid reason for needing to leave the theme name out.

    Hi there Boober,

    Thanks for the reply. Well I double checked the downloaded .zip folder with the theme in and there is no readme in there. I’ve also emailed the designers, so hopefully I might find out the licensing form them.

    In the mean time, do you reckon I should just go ahead and use the theme? I’d not like to upset the designer, but seeing as there are no instructions to the contrary, maybe modifying the theme is ok?

    Hmm.. a thorny issue. Like I say, I reckon theme developers should be asked to specifically state how they want their themes to be used / licensed.

    Seth :-\




    I believe they’re trying to get most of those themes to be labeled as GPL’ed. You may also want to review the theme designer’s website as it may state there what the license is as well.

    Hi there Apparatus and all,

    I did try reaing the designer’s homepage, but alas my Spanish is no good at all. However I did get this reply to an email I sent asking if I could use their theme, so it seems all is well 😀

    Hi Seth,

    Feel free to make the change you feel are aproppiate for the circumstances.

    thanks for asking,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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