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  • I’ve created three themes for WP, and John at blogging Pro linked to one, which generated a comment that the theme is not 1.3 compatible (im using the nightly build from dec 28) so I guess my question is this… are there massive differences in the way themes are put together throughout all the versions? And what can I do to ensure compatibility across all versions in the future (or even to make fixes on what I have made thus far)?

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  • 1.3/5 uses Themes – mulitple css

    1.2.x uses the same css throughout from a single css.

    so, in fact the theme *ought* to be 1.3 compatible. perhaps its not down to the theme itself….

    Depend on what you and the other person call a theme.
    I’m using 1.5, I have static pages, I have wp pages, but it’s not a theme.

    hmm… heres the thing, all I have done, effectively, is alter the css and change some images. its not a theme per se, I guess, just a style. But whatever its called, it ought to work either by replacing the wp-layout.css or by creating a directory under wp-content to make it available as an alternative to the default. what can i say, I’m swingin’ about in the dark here.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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