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  • Hello,

    I’ve been building a WordPress photography website using the JPhotolio theme and the X-Park ‘Image Store’ plugin – for its: Secure Galleries and PayPal integration.

    Sadly I’ve been getting some problems that occur on different browsers and platforms.

    Viewing Images (PC = Yes / Mac = No):

    On a PC, using Internet Explorer, when you click on an image in the Image Store Secure Gallery (Client Gallery) it floats bigger on the same screen and you have the navigation buttons to go forward, backwards or to close and return to the gallery. But on a Mac, using Firefox, Chrome and Safari, when you click on an image in the Secure Gallery it just opens on a new page without the navigation buttons. This means you have to click the browser back-button and then click on the next image.

    But I did notice that the demos on the X-Park website do work on a Mac:

    Slideshow (PC = No / Mac = Yes):

    The other problem is with the Image Store Secure Gallery Slideshow option. I wanted to increase the max-height of the Slideshow display. It is set at 400px and I changed it to 600px. This works fine on a Mac, using Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but was still showing as 400px, even after a refresh, on a PC, using Internet Explorer.

    I’m now a bit stuck because neither of these options work on all platforms and browsers. If the Viewing Images was okay, then I’d turn off the Slideshow option. If the Slideshow option was okay, then I’d either disable the Viewing Images or add a message saying to only use the Slideshow.

    There are a few other little problems as well – on the Mac, when you click on the Slideshow you have to refresh the page to load the images and for it to start playing. Also, when you return to the gallery the thumbnail images are missing and you have to refresh again. This doesn’t seem to be a problem on a PC.

    Once again, the demo on the X-Park website does seem to be okay on a Mac.

    Here’s a link to my test website, not the final URL:

    I’ve set up a test Secure Gallery (Client Gallery) using some dummy images.

    Gallery ID: test
    Password: test

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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  • You’ll need to go to Theme Forest for assistance as commercial themes are not supported here. You might also try validating your site — as errors can cause browser inconsistencies.

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