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  • i’d love to use this theme but I’m afraid it’s simply not working. I love how clean and simple it appears to be. Do you have any suggestions on other themes that are similar? I’m looking for a top image, menu bar below that, and various widgets throughout the different pages.

    This theme seems restrictive on widget areas. Because I love the theme’s overall look of this page, I’d love to be proved wrong!!!

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  • Hey Cari,

    I’m a bit curious as to why you find them restrictive? I’m not sure if you decided to stick with this theme or not, but if you want to go a little beyond and stay with the same theme, you could create some custom widget areas with the help of a few plugins 🙂

    I’d prefer to stick with this theme! Do you suggest any particular plugins?

    I find it restrictive also because I can’t get my divs and “table” to work.

    Can’t them to work, as in they don’t show up?

    Adding the custom widget areas might get a bit tricky if we don’t get you to have the divs and tables working first; I installed the theme on a test site and was able to get the divs and tables to work, is something like what you want to be able to accomplish (as far as the test div and test table area), or am I misunderstanding?

    Are you adding your div and table stuff right into a text widget?

    We can do this! 😛

    Yes I’d love a couple of custom widgets! It seems the theme itself only has one – so in order to have a widget on a page, it has to always be the same widget…or is that wrong?

    I was working with scaffolding on the homepage and wanted to have a span9(title and text) and span3(image of arrow), but it’s just putting the arrow below the text vs. next to it.

    Do you mean do you have to have the same widgets on every page? Or just the same content? You can certainly do either, but you can have widgets that are only on specified pages as well 🙂

    Here are a few plugins I think you might find helpful: and

    I think the issue with the arrow and text is that you either have the span9 and span 3 css in a file that isn’t showing up, or just doesn’t exist. The grid system that’s in the css for your site uses ‘one column’, ‘two columns’, ‘three columns’, etc.

    Give this a try:

    <div class="row">
         <div class="four columns">
            <p>A bit of explanation about your kit</p>
         <div class="four columns">
            <a href="">
            <img src="">

    that seemed to at least work better than span 9 and 3

    I do not want the same widgets on every page nor the same content. I’d prefer to have a form widget on one page, a video on the other, etc. While with this theme I have found I can only have one widget – the same one on each page

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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