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    Please heklp me, searched all over this forum. My site is
    I have WP, then used suffusion theme including the suffusion BP pack, and then installed buddy press, however the buddypress related pages (activity etc) come up with a different theme to mine. I have not yet created a child theme, still too new too this.
    Please help me, you guys are gurus out there…?

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    Creating a child theme isn’t that difficult, but you may want to head over ans ask at instead. That’s where the theme author, Sayontan Sinha, has a dedicated forum for his theme.

    Suffusion is great, but I find it a little complicated. 😉

    Thnx, Jan, have done so, done 3 different ways,it is quite difficult for spmeonr like me, used then their child template to build on and added the site codes and details. The new theme inherits the style from the ‘parent’ and all is more or less the same.
    Will continue battling it out somehow. K

    Can you provide some more details? Like your URL? And what the problem is that you are facing?

    The thing is that suffusion is amazing and beats so far others handes down. To be honest though, maybe Suffusion should develop to have the buddypress features, that would resolve my issues… :-[
    I have noticed just as any of my pages load, they have that grey look, which when loaded fully changes the wrapper and background to to how it should e, can this be the issue, that it calls first a template or style and then builds another? Help? Karl Jung

    The BuddyPress features are what the Suffusion BP pack is for. E.g. Take a look at, which uses Suffusion and Suffusion BP pack. Again, unless you provide me with a URL I really cannot help you.

    Hi Sanyontan, thank you
    my url is
    I have my theme suffusion, suffusion bp pack and buddy press (bp templates deactivated)
    I have set in the backend the childtheme to inherit to match my look;
    the issue is when I call the bp[ pages the look changes tpo the grey pages, which asthetically looks not so great… Your wisdom will be greatly appreciated…


    Instead of setting your body background using Appearance → Background, set it through Appearance → Suffusion Options → Skinning → Body Background.

    You are a genius!!! Thank you so much Sanyontan.
    What a difference. Damn that was easy :-]= Great work you are doing.
    Just need to sort out with wp why I cannot get page numbers to show on my posts, I had tried all possible plugins, to no avail. I am not sure if this is suufusion related or not, but very happy so far. My last hurdle.
    God bless you.

    apol. its Sayontan. my typing skills.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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