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  • Hi everyone – I would appreciate your help if anyone can figure this out.

    I manage a blog at It looks great in Safari and Firefox, but there appears to be an issue in Internet Explorer 7. I’m not sure if this is just v7 or if it applies to all IE versions, but you’ll notice the header/logo at the top of the site is pushed below the navigation bar.

    Is this an IE bug or do you know if there’s anything I can do in the CSS files to skirt this issue? I know enough to put up themes and customize them but this goes far beyond my understanding.

    thanks so much.

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  • It appears now that it’s just an IE7 issue as the blog looks fine in IE8. so, if anyone guru can figure out if it’s a bug or if i can workaround it in IE7 that’d be great.

    The site has lots of code errors that need fixing. Some of the errors are weird, like a table in the document head. Different browsers react differently to code errors.

    awesome. thanks iridiax that site is great

    One more thing – and hope it’s not asking too much. But if you iridiax or anyone else can help me pinpoint this specific issue so the banner isn’t dropping down in IE7, you will be the hero of this event.

    I’ve deactivated and reactivated all plug ins, and gone thru the errors on the “header.php” page, which is where i assume the issue is. I can’t find that <table> code anywhere though in my files. Any clues?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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