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  • First off, hello and thanks for taking time out to read my issue.

    Okay. (very new to wordpress, familiar with VB) Okay so I upload a theme via admin dashboard and everything gets out of placed. out of wack.

    example screen shots :

    My question is, how can I upload a theme, and keep the general outline of how content is placed on current theme.

    Also is there some sort of youtube update? as you can see in one of the screen shots “code” for the youtube and image placement is shown for some reason on theme preview.

    I know I’m asking alot here, if it helps any this blog is for a charity. Not trying to gain one over or get free help. I just have no clue how to fix this myself. Thanks in advance.

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  • I’m off, time to head to bed! But this should be an easy fix for you pro’s out there. I have been looking around and some of the stuff you guys know is amazing. I’m looking forwarded to learning more and being a more active member of Well have a good night to whom ever comes along and reads this and again thanks for your help! 🙂

    how can I upload a theme, and keep the general outline of how content is placed on current theme.

    Use a theme with the same general outline as your current one. If you use a theme with a totally different design, of course the layout is going to be different.

    The “code” you’re seeing are shortcodes. They’re usually provided by plugins or themes. If you disable the plugin or change to a theme which doesn’t support those codes, that’s what you’ll see. For more information about developing shortcodes, see

    I understand what you are saying. Makes sense and of course with each theme, expecting a different layout is expected. Shortcodes seems to the be issue.

    Shortcodes for images being placed seems weird. Would think out of the 31 themes I’ve installed today atleast one of them would support that. is the website we only have 5 plug-ins on the website

    Each theme may have its own set of shortcodes. They’re not standardized and you should not expect a theme to use the same shortcodes as another theme. Even if they do, they probably won’t behave the same way.

    If you’ve been using theme specific shortcodes, then you’re basically locked in unless you code the functionality into a separate plugin, or into whatever theme you’re using.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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