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    Hello hope you can help with two issues.

    1.The Theme Flex By EngineThemesVersion 1.0

    Does not look good with your easy digital downloads plugin which I have uploaded. After hitting the preview button to see what the download page looks like, I notice all the theme stuff is pushed around looking ugly. Can you please suggest what it is I need to do to fix this please?

    2. I would like to have paypal express checkout digital downloads intergrated into your plugin on my site. You have pay pal pro and also paypal express but I can’t find the special one for digital downloads. Is it available. It allows your cust to not leave the payment page without the expensive charges that the paypal pro has.

    Please help


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  • Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    1. Can you give me a live URL so that I can see it?

    2. The Digital Goods version is in development (nearly done) and should be available early next week, just after we push out v1.4.1 of EDD.

    Thanks so much for being so prompt.

    The URL is

    if you scroll down you will see what I mean about the strange looking page, I’s love to be able to have the page look like the other pages (which are set up like an image backdrop blog).

    I really might have to think of waiting till next week to get the digital goods version…. I may email this to you too so we can work it out there if you like.

    Thanks so much for your help.


    Hi How are you going with the query above? Cheers Lorna

    Hello sorry to ask the same question twice but are you sure you are releasing next week a plugin to go with your digital downloads that is suitable for the

    paypal express digital download. – it’s not paypal pro or the paypal express, it’s a gateway for paypal that keeps the customers on your site and just has pop up windows for the customer to fill out.

    Is this correct because I’d love it if it was.




    Still waiting to fix the site bug and to confirm the digital downloads question.



    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson



    I’m taking a look at this now. Please note that you posted your request over a weekend. We have to take breaks sometimes and weekends are when we take time off.

    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    Is the page strange to you because it is missing the comments and extra data at the bottom?

    I know exactly what payment system you’re talking about, and it is now available from here:

    Note: The PayPal Digital Goods gateway is a third-party gateway (I do not officially support it) and it requires EDD v1.4.1.

    HI Mordauk,

    Yes it is strange, that’s what I mean the download post is positioned weirdly and different to my usual standard blog post positions.

    Regarding to the papal digital gateway system – you said earlier in this stream

    “2. The Digital Goods version is in development (nearly done) and should be available early next week, just after we push out v1.4.1 of EDD.”

    Does this mean Mordauk that this is what the link above is for or is the new release you are having this week have it’s own digital downloads gateway?

    As to the weekend, I thought I asked the question on Friday. It may be wise to put up your forum hours on the top of the forum so your not offended and the customer do not have unrealistic expectations. I also thanked you on Friday for you prompt initial reply. Any help is always appreciated.

    But I still am confused to my original question re the digital downloads gateway


    yes the messy looking page arrangements which only came on this page which is connected to your EDD on that download (blog) page.

    hoping you can help as I think it is a great plugin



    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    I’m pretty sure the problem is happening because the theme has not adequately taken care of post types that do not support comments.

    If we enable comments, it might fix it. Would you like comments on the products?

    2. Sorry the digital goods gateway has had to be pushed back to v1.4.2 because we discovered an issue with it.

    We’re probably in different time zones because your last post was made late Friday night 🙂

    Hello again,

    our global marketplace has no regard for time eh 🙂

    My cousin fixed the messy page issue by taking our an extra ‘div tag’ from the html.

    1. comments – perhaps it’s not a good idea….

    2. page formatting – this would be good so that all the pages are formatted the same in the image format – is it possible…???

    3. when id the v1.4.2 ready? And will this be the same relevant link when you do do your new release?

    here is my site again in case you need to have a peek. the downloads page is called – ebook. the other pages you will notice have an image behind the post. this is the style i’d love to have for my downloads pages.

    hope you can help



    p.s if you tell me what code to go where or what code you need to go where, I can ask my cousin to find it – or put it.


    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    1. Since the HTML is fixed, there is no need for this then.

    2. Which specific page formatting issue are you referring to?

    3. It is planned for just under two weeks, and yes that is the same relevant link.


    re: 3. that’s great I will just have to wait for it.

    re: 2. the formatting of the page selection can I upload a photo of it for you? or I will try and explain, it’s jsut part of the choices you have when you do a post, you can choose to format the post as either 1. standard. 2. image. 3. video.

    This comes up in the edit pane of the flex site whenever you create a blog post. It didnt come up in your create a download page.

    Is this a little clearer?



    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    2. Absolutely. Upload to an image sharing service like imgur and then share a link.


    here you go

    <img src=”” title=”Hosted by” alt=”” />“>

    I hope this is right… I will put a couple of different ones just to make sure

    thanks lorna

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