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  • I recently put in a few themes and they’re not showing up on my theme changer thing. I know I put them in the right place, I’ve put themes in there before, but for some reason they aren’t showing up so I can change it. Its been a few hours since I did it, I’d think it would have by now, any ideas? Thanks 🙂

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    Just to double-check, there should be a style.css file for each theme at this path:


    And, each style.css file should have a header that is similar to the one in the Default Theme’s style.css file.

    Yep. It’s all there. I’m wondering if theres a problem with my control panel from my host connecting to wordpress if that makes any sense. I’ve tried changing around other themes I have and they don’t change through wordpress. I guess all there is to do is wait til morning to see if they show up yet.

    Isn’t there some code needed for the theme changer to work? Some themes have the code in case, so do not. I’d look into the sidebar.php files of the themes not showing up and compare to ones that are.

    what is the code. I’m a little slow at these type of things lol.

    <?php wp_theme_switcher(); ?>

    As taken from this page at the plugin repository.

    Did you deactivate and reactivate the Theme Changer plugin after the upgrade?

    i didn’t upgrade, it was too confusing so i just didn’t do it. Is that why it isn’t working?

    On the sidebar that I already have I have an about me part. I went in and changed it around a bit and that’s not changing on my website either.. I can’t think of anything else it could be, unless its because I didn’t update. I’ve never updated before, my host had a program that installed wordpress for me.

    You have to make the changes to all the sidebar templates if you are doing theme switching.

    I’m pretty sure the problem is that the connection with my host and wordpress isn’t working or something. I reinstalled wordpress, I’m not too worried about losing anything, and nothing changed. I even deleted it and its still showing up with all my old information. I was wondering if its a problem with my host or a problem with wordpress?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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