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    I absolutely love the Ashe/Ashe Blog theme (I have a lifetime Pro license). I spent quite a bit of time looking at themes before I started blogging and I narrowed my choice down to Ashe/Ashe Blog and PureBlog and I opted for the Ashe/Ashe Blog theme.

    I love the number of layout options available and the left and right sidebar widget options. The search functionality works perfectly. I also like the featured image preview for the prior and next post while reading a post.

    While I love the theme, I dislike the company behind it. I encountered an issue not long after starting my blog where only a certain number of tags appeared in the tag field. I asked for help on the support forums and was asked to provide my login information so they could take a look at my site…uh, NO!!! I found a plugin that displays all of my tags, so I no longer use the tag field option that comes with the theme.

    Then an update in January 2022 resulted in a banner being displayed on every page of the WP Admin area stating that Elementor and a WP Royal accompanying plugin were required. Such plugins were never required in the past. I got on the support forums and a reply from a company support person to a complaint about the banner stated that the plugins were indeed not required. Okay, so why display the banner? There was no way to disable the banner either. You could close the banner, but switching to another area within WP Admin resulted in the banner reappearing.

    They finally pushed out an upgrade this month to remove the obnoxious banner, but the upgrade never completed on either my sandbox or live site, resulting in my inability to access my WP Admin area. I resolved the issue on both sites using two different methods, but a less technical user might have had no idea how to resolve the upgrade issue.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by KurtM.
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    Hi again, As I mentioned in the support thread issues you have is not update-related, thousand of people have updated the pro theme and no one get any issues. I assume that you might have to host-related issue, anyway, we are glad to help you just contact us via our email.

    Kind Regards,

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