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  • left sidebar is too wide in firefox
    entry-content (post area) is too narrow with too much padding on right
    right sidebar is too wide with too much padding on right
    The space between the post (entry-content) and the right sidebar is too large

    in WebKit, the Left sidebar is ‘moved’ to the bottom of the page, below everything else and becomes as wide as the viewpoint.

    in the css entries are double entered as if someone didn’t keep track of what they were doing.

    There is more wrong with it, but I have no time for this. I may find some more time latter to ‘fix’ the css and if I do, I’ll let someone know where to get the ‘fixed’ css…

    The general look and color scheme, I like… I spent an hour or more on the css and was unable to get it ‘spaced’ correctly… So, I went back to my old theme…


    p.s., NO, you know what… I can’t stand to be beat.. ‘fixing’ things is what I do… I’ll keep it up for now. that way I am reminded to work on it…

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  • Do NOT believe ‘my’ stars…
    I did NOT see the rating when I wrote my review.
    I would have given the theme -1 star if I had or could..

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    While I 100% disagree with your review, you can edit your stars using this link.

    A reason it is seemingly impossible to adjust the widths of the ‘box’ that contains the entry-content div ID is #content and there is NO definition for this div or container in the twentyfourteen css files, nor is it in a common file…
    I have grep’d the whole of wordpress directories for this string, \#content and have Only found it in the twentyten, eleven and thirteen theme directories. Someone might want to add ‘#content .entry-content’ div attribute to the 2014 css… somewhere… eh.

    again, no css file is being called that contains this attribute.

    *Adding this container, adjusts the width of the posts div ‘entry-content’, but Not the post headings, so there is more missing.
    I used, just to evaluate:

    #content .entry-content {
       padding: 100px 100px;

    What’s up with that?

    Jan Dembowski, Thank You.

    these seem to be the things missing.
    li #content
    li #content .entry-content
    li #content .site-content
    li #…. work in progress.. have to do other ‘stuff’.. : )



    i think this is good theme for beginners.

    the left sidebar ‘moves’ to bottom of page, shifts position, when the browser window becomes narrower than 1030px wide (on a 96dpi display using any of the WebKit (konqueror, rekonq, safari) browsers I have).

    Firefox, somehow is avoiding this ‘min-width’ effect and does not shit the left ‘sidebar’.

    The ‘padding’ before and after, or to the left and right of the ‘entry-content’ (posts area) is done with:

    .site:before {
      width: 182px;
    .... }

    changing this value, say to 162px makes left ‘sidebar’ narrower, but as of yet, does not allow the content to become wider.

    ** It seems that the narrowest, ‘min-wide’ style in the style.css is 1040px. I guess the ‘old, new standard’ of 1024 is out the door?
    I don’t know about you, but nothing on a text site is important enough for me to have a browser window maximized. All my browser windows, firefox, konqueror, rekonq, chromium etc, are set to 1024, windowed. Maps, graphs, images are the only times I might maximize my window. That is, on a 1280px laptop, I’m Not going to have my browser full width, but windowed to 1024×800, which is a point where this theme shifts the left ‘sidebar’ to bottom of viewpoint… Needs fixing.

    still think it’s a nice and clean looking theme, or i wouldn’t spend the time on it… : )


    Looks like is gone.. too bad. I wanted to see what she came up with. In general I agree with Landis’ assessment, although my issues have more to do with the strong color scheme than the width.

    The problem is that twenty fourteen is inflexible. Its not easy to modify in a child theme. I’d like to see some successful sites built on it, but I have not found any..

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