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  1. scraster
    Posted 7 years ago #

    This is bound to be confusing, but I would greatly appreciate your attention for a couple minutes. I have been reworking a K2 theme (simply called Default in my theme folder), and have several template pages based on page.php. Things were fine for a while, where those templates were available from the templates dropdown. Then they weren't. When I toggled to another theme and tried to come back to Default, there was no "activate" button on the theme. It was as if WP didn't ever switch themes, but the secondary theme was actually visible and my Default theme was not. I figured out how to manually change the theme by changing it's name from within the WP_options table, but this is only a partial solution because, in my Admin view, it's still displaying the templates from that secondary theme. So I can't get to the Default theme's templates, which I need. Thanks for any ideas you may have to get WP to recognize my old theme. FYI, moving the secondary theme out of the theme folder is not the answer.



  2. scraster
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Weird. I was killing myself digging through my code for days, but as it turns out, it was some kind of corrupted CSS file. My friend simply copy/pasted my CSS code into another fresh CSS doc and VIOLA! my theme was back, with no problems activating, and my templates were all intact. Bizarre. What's also odd is that when the fixed CSS file brought back my templates and themes, my CSS was a little off in places, so I'm sorting through those changes now. Thanks anyway, forum.

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