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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m attempting to use ‘deepfocus’ by elegantThemes. The directions have proven to be old (and incorrect), and the support forum on their site hasn’t been any help yet.

    I’m hoping this is a common issue and you can help me. Here’s the piece of the instructions which are killing me… the issue is in bold:

    Finally, once the theme has been activated, you should navigate to the Appearances > DeepFocus Theme Options page. Here you can adjust settings pertaining to theme’s display. Once you have adjusted whatever settings you would like to change click the “save” button.

    Under ‘APPEARANCE” I have:

    There is NO “DeepFocus Theme Options” link and ‘editor’ brings me to a huge wall of html which could be edited, for for the Love of God… there MUST be something missing here. 🙂

    Thank you,

    James, Seattle

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  • where did you get the theme from as I just checked it is not in repository

    I actually purchased it from

    I’m trying to set it up on my webpage, but so far it’s been very, very difficult… mostly because I’ve never worked with wordpress before.



    if you’ve purchases it then the best place to go for support is their forums.

    I may be able help if you send the theme so that I can install on test site and see where the problem is click on my name to contact me.


    My original post said THEY aren’t helping… and here you’re saying go there.

    I just want to know why the items under my WORDPRESS dashboard only have three things.

    If you as a moderator are telling me to go get help where help is not forthcoming, what do you suggest I do?




    Forum Moderator

    If you paid for this theme and it’s a theme issue, then I would think that they have an obligation to assist you.

    @james – the only way that anyone can help anywhere else is if they have a full copy of the theme. As it’s a paid for theme the only place that you can be guaranteed of this is their support forums. Whether it be from them, or other users of the theme.

    It would be impractical to get code pasted into the pastebin, as the code is likely to be in more than one file.

    So if they aren’t helping do as esmi suggests and ask for a refund, that may spark them into action.

    Hey James 🙂

    I have this theme and have installed it with no problem on one of my blogs.

    I am more then willing to try to help you out!

    Lemme know the best way to reach you.

    Or drop me a line, my user name

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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