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    Okay, firstly, Im a novice to all this WordPress stuff, but Im starting to really love it! We use it at work and so I decided to load it up on my own personal domain as well.

    But I ran into a problem.

    I installed several themes I downloaded from the WordPress Theme site. Then set my WorkPress blogs to those new themes, but none of the images for the themes will show up. By images, I mean design images, like the background, buttons, etc.

    They are in the correct directory as far as I know, along with all the files needed. I cant seem to figure out why they cant pull up the images. It happened for each theme I installed and selected for my blog.

    Tested it on IE and Firefox. Doesnt appear to be a browser issue.

    Anyone experience this before? Can you point me in the right direction as to where to troubleshoot this issue? Wasnt sure I wanted to just start tinkering with code without any direction. =)

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  • They are in the correct directory as far as I know

    If I had a £ for every time….

    Please provide a link. Makes helping a lot easier.

    Your images are not where they’re supposed to be. Right click on where your header should be, for example, and go to that directory on your server. Either place the image in that directory or change the link in your header template to reflect the actual location.

    Good luck!

    p.s. Don’t kill the English teacher, but the word is <i>dreamt</i>. 🙂

    Thanks Viabledesign. It didnt say anything on the download site about having reorganize the files into the correct directories. It basically made it sound like install, upload, and go. Mind you, I was doing this at like 3am in the morning. SOooo… It was probably lack of sleep that I didnt notice that right off. Heh.

    And yeah, I know its spelled wrong. That is just our test site. We’re not going to use it. And Im being lazy, not changing it yet. Thanks though!

    i’m at the exact same place that spiritdreamer started with..
    but i’m so brand new at wordpress and coding that everything i read as far as help is going over my head.

    i need to follow what viabledesign is suggesting i suppose, but really don’t know what to do??

    here is my problem journal:

    can viabledesign’s pointer be broken down into terms for an unlearned beginner?
    thank you!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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