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    Hi there!

    I’m using WP 4.6 with the Boston theme by famethemes.
    Now my ‘read more’-tags are ignored, in the way that of both existing posts only 56 words are shown on the homepage.

    I have close-to-zero knowledge of html, and have therefore not meddled with the html code, but only used the visual editor.

    the things mentioned here don’t work, since they state that the ‘read more’ tag is working.

    Am I right to guess that this behaviour is caused by the theme?
    and if yes, how may it be fixed?

    best regards and thanks in advance,

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  • Hello,

    I would suggest first disabling all your plugins. Then, see if the read more tag works. If it does, the problem is in one of your pugins; and you can begin reactivating a few at a time (checking to see if read more breaks again). Eventually, (if it is a plugin conflict) you’ll figure out which plugin is causing the trouble.

    If when you deactivate ALL plugins the read more is still not working; you may want to try switching to the default 2016 theme. Again, check to see if the read more is working. If it is, the issue is with your “other” theme. If it is still not working (with ALL plugins deactivated and switched to the default 2016 theme) then something else entirely is happening.

    Let us know how it goes.

    hi josh, thanks for the quick reply!

    disabling all plugins did not help, but changing to the default 2016 theme while keeping the plugins disabled did help.

    so the problem seems to lie with the theme.

    is there a way in which I can still keep the theme but adjust it so the read more will work as planned?

    best regards,

    Since it is a premium theme; there is nothing more we can do here. We do not have access to premium themes.

    However, I would suggest contacting the theme authors directly and see if they are aware of the issue. I believe THIS is the contact form you would need to use.

    I might also post a link to this thread in your topic; so they can see you already ruled out a plugin conflict.

    okay, contacting them sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

    how do you define a premium theme? I haven’t bought this, I just installed and activated it. It’s not listed on their website though. neither as a free, nor as a premium theme.

    thanks for the quick replies!

    how do you define a premium theme? I haven’t bought this, I just installed and activated it.

    Hmm.. perhaps I Googled the incorrect theme.

    Yes, let me clarify (and perhaps re-word my last response). We the community can access any plugins/themes that are hosted on the repositories. A plugin or theme must undergo a fairly rigorous inspection before being added to the WordPress repositories. In this sense, we can pretty much assume the plugin or theme is using WordPress best coding practices, and we are more likely to download it and play around to see if we can replicate the issue.

    Now, plugins and themes that are NOT located on the WordPress repositories are not subjected to this additional testing by WordPress. Depending on the source (reputation, etc); it may be more “risky” to download and install.

    Lastly, premium plugins and themes must be purchased. And obviously no one is going to purchase a theme or plugin solely to help with troubleshooting (sorry, just the cold hard truth).

    So yes, after further examination.. I do see they offer a FREE download of the Boston theme. However, since it it hosted outside the WordPress repositories, it is almost certain you will get better support by contacting them directly.

    hm… I still can’t find the actual theme on their website, only a tiny documentation about it.

    however, I installed this theme from the repository, and therefore I guess someone has tested it.

    apart from that, I see all your points.

    Yep.. That is definitely a theme on the WordPress repository. Sorry for the confusion 🙂

    Now, HERE is where I would ask your question. They are in the best position to assist you with the issue.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Oh, that’s great, thanks!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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