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    I wanted to try this theme but fails in all IE versions. But in chrome and firefox works well.

    Though i liked to use this theme, i may loose my visitors due to this. I may switch to another theme.

    I found the page loading in Quirks mode rather the browser version. Dont know how to fix this. Any help on this?

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  • site is

    Theme Author CyberChimps


    What exactly is “failing” in IE?

    We support IE8-9, and have basic support for IE7.

    If you could please be a bit more specific we can look into the issues you are having.

    I’ve had the same in IE (newest version of 9). No troublemaking plugins on. The weird thing is, at first it would load up fine, but after fully loading the site goes weird. Chrome (17 I believe) and FF 4 are fine.

    I’ve pulled the theme, but still have screenshots.

    First load in IE9 which is mostly fine (top ad needs some positioning work) :

    Final display after fully loading:

    The site gets aligned left, and the whole right sidebar is gone. Header is souped up too.

    I have -not- edited the theme at all, so it’s a bit strange behaviour I think.

    As said, it’s not on the site anymore (, but I hope these screens help a bit in fixing the theme for IE 9.

    Theme Author CyberChimps


    Was this with the latest version of iFeature? You said no troublemaking plugins on, but does that mean you tried disabling all of them to see if there was an issue?

    Yes, that was the newest one, version 4.

    I had disabled all of the plugins temporarily, but still IE 9 got the shivers after fully loading the website.

    I checked the WordPress version itself, but it’s completely up to date as well.

    I have massive issues with IE (all versions). I have lost users and users don’t stay longer on my blog because of the display with IE.
    All my sites using ifeaturepro have display issues with IE.
    I have created a new site yesterday at with no additional plug-ins and the display is still horrible on different version of IE.
    It works great on Firefox and Google chrome though, but most of my target users are still on IE.
    I really gave this theme a chance, but all my questions and concerns were never addressed.
    My ifeature sites are:

    What we do

    Did this issue ever get resolved. I am having the same issues with my website as well. Mine is with the top navigation banner. The subpages get hidden under the blog posts.

    I have tried disabling plug-ins but that doesn’t seem to help. I am using IE9

    Recipes India


    Sorry for not replying this..I had fixed this issue

    – This is because of the ad i tried to add in the top. Use a <div> tag with align=center and copy it into the header.php

    Now i have the newest version but it doesn’t seem to pull the visitors. I did all SEO work but no success…i get only 100 visitors per day..

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