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  • The Theme Browser lacks adequate Theme Identification, especially in the “Test Run” view.

    Users like to open Themes in multiple browser tabs, but unless you remember which thumbnail you clicked, or have a photographic memory of which thumbnail goes with each browser tab, you are reduced to viewing them and selecting them for download one-at-a-time.

    Once you’ve picked your semi-finalists, finding them on a second pass is extraordinarily difficult.

    Can you PLEASE put the Theme names both on the thumbnail views and also on the Test Run views themselves?

    I imagine you like to show how the SAME CONTENT might appear under each Theme, but surely you can find a way to drop a Theme name onto the Test Run window’s title bar or something.

    Perhaps I’ve overlooked something obvious, but I’m probably not alone.


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  • Joni


    You are whistling in the wind. That Themes site has been comatose for some months now and I’m not sure if it will ever be resurrected.

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