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    We have just been informed that Bluehost will change us to PHP 5.4 very soon!!…

    Our theme “organic” from MixerTheme is not compatible with 5.4! I tried contacting the author of the theme and no luck there. I’ve tried changing the database password and the database user password, no luck. I’ve tried disabling the plugins and no luck. The only thing that responds is when I change the theme, that’s why I know the theme is not compatible with php 5.4. It runs fine on 5.2.

    Does anyone know of a possible solution to this? how can i make this theme compatible? (I’m not a php developer )

    Thank you for any suggestions or assistance you can provide…

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  • That’s not a theme supported on these forums (only themes from the repository on this site are supported here), so it sounds like you will need to hire someone to fix that theme or find another theme.

    You could post a job listing here:

    Our theme “organic” from MixerTheme is not compatible with 5.4!

    How do you know this? I presume that you tested it in some manner to determine this.

    If you tested it, then you should have some kind of error message. What is the specific error that you’re getting?

    Any PHP code can be adjusted to be compatible and not throw errors, but knowing what those errors are is the first step to fixing them.

    SideKick Dan


    hey dream web pro

    If you’re having immediate issues, ‘d recommend manually changing your php settings for the domain using either php.ini or htaccess. Each host has slightly different ways of doing this but here is a link to a bluehost article on the topic. Let me know if it was helpful.

    Link to Bluehost ARticle about php version environment changes

    I’ve had sites on Hostgator and they , at least for a time, were using php5.2 as the default but I could update to php5.3 just using a short line in the htaccess file found in the root of the installation. Voila, all was good. I imagine you can do the same and regress from 5.4 to 5.3

    Obviously you might want to work out which plugin, widget, or even theme is getting issues from the updated version of php, but this can be used to get by just fine until you or the problem component to your site is identified and updated.

    Best Regards,

    Samuel, yes, my hosting company website (bluehost) has a panel control where you can modify the PHP config. The theme works on 5.2, but when I switch it to 5.4 I only get a blank white screen when I refresh the website. I am not sure what error message is generated internally, the browser doesn’t give me anything. Are you a PHP expert? perhaps you can take a look at the theme and maybe determine the error?

    Shout Out SideKick, thank you for reply. Yes, the site is currently functional because it’s set to 5.2. But soon, bluehost (my hosting company) will drop 5.2 and only support 5.4. And my theme doesn’t work on 5.4.

    So I want to make the theme compatible with 5.4 so I can switch my php configuration to 5.4 and not have any issues.

    SideKick Dan



    Sounds like a good choice to work out any bugs. In the meantime, if you manually set which version of php to use (either 5.2 or 5.3 if it works), then you shouldn’t have any issues when BlueHost upgrades. You could download a copy to your local machine, and work out the issues with the site on a php5.4 environment using a local WAMP or XAMPP server installed to your computer. Once you figure out the problem addon, then just update the files for it on the live site.

    Best Regards,


    We have many PHP experts in these forums.

    What is the error message? How do you know that your theme is not compatible?

    @samuel Wood

    I know it’s not compatible because it works when i change the settings to 5.2 and it stops working on 5.4. Also i know it’s the theme because I disabled the plugins and it still doesn’t solve the problem. I changed the theme to twentytwelve on 5.4 and then it works but I can’t use twentytwelve as a theme.

    I need somebody to analyze the code on the theme and make it compatible to 5.4.


    If it stops working, then you need to actually get and post the error message so we can tell you what to fix.

    Turn on the WP_DEBUG mode and find out what the error message is when it’s not working.

    More info:


    i have the exact same problem and i get what you’re saying 100%. did you every find a solution? let me know please. i dont want to install a new theme nor have to keep switching to 5.2 until I run out of time. any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


    I’m having the same issue with theme “organic” from MixerTheme. Did you ever find a solution? If so, please share. Thanks so much!

    sorry guys, I didn’t find a simple solution. I had to hire a PHP expert to get that fixed. do it through the jobs forum on this site



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    If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    This topic references an old version of WordPress.

    cann’t find the jobs forum

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