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[Theme: Hey Cookie] problem with individual posts and sharing

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  • also how do i get the excerpts to properly work? I completly love the theme i’m just not good with the coding lol

    Also I’ve noticed when i post the links to facebook some post the tag lists in the descriptions. any assistance would be greatly appreacited

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    I’m not sure about the sharing piece, that’s not controlled by the theme.

    You can use CSS to remove the allowed tags by setting .form-allowed-tags to display: none in style.css. Note that if you ever switched themes they’d come back since they’re part of WordPress. If you want to remove them for good, I’d find a plugin.

    And the theme doesn’t use the excerpt, but you could add it to your theme files with the_excerpt() function. I’d suggest making any changes in a child theme so they don’t get overwritten by future theme updates.

    Oh thanks for replying. As I”m completely clueless in regards to CSS where exactly in the style.css. can i make the changes to that you mentioned abobe regarding taking the tags out?

    also do u know how about I go with the code function? sorry I’m completely dumb as this lol

    Now this prob have nothing to do with the theme, but when i post the homepage link to say facebook it just says the url rather then the decription. i’ve tried plugin ect to no luck. I’m assuming it’s something to do with the meta tags. I’m using all in one seo and it looks the exact same as my other sites :S

    Thanks so much. Sorry to be a pain lol

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    You can put that form allowed tags code anywhere in style.css

    And put the_excerpt wherever you want the excerpt to appear on your site in index.php. Although I’m not sure where you’d put it in the grid view. It would be a pretty complex change if you’re not comfortable with code.

    okay sweet but what is the exact code i would have to use? As I said i have had no real experience with code lol

    Also the other question is what seo plugin are u using? I’ve been trying to solve that issue when i post a link to facebook, but all i seem to get is just the url no description or images 🙁

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    .form-allowed-tags { display: none }

    The theme doesn’t use an seo plugin so I can’t help with that issue, sorry. You might try asking the plugin developer.

    thanks heaps. i got rid of the tag thingy.

    I thought you may have known about the meta thingy simply because when I post the demom version of ur theme it works with descriptiions etc, that’s why i was just wondering if u may have used a specific plugin for seo descriptions etc. thanks heaps for ur help though.

    Once I get this last little problem fixed then I’ll finally be happy lol

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Hmm, I don’t think I have any Plugins running that would effect that… I do have my site description in Settings-General filled out on the demo.. Maybe that’s what is put there?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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