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  • karenn1617



    First of all your “Hey Cookie” theme is awesome. Really great piece of work.

    I have been trying for mine website. I have few queries that it would be great if you can help and guide me out in resolving.

    1. How I can remove Author name and Comment Box from post pages?

    2. On Post pages, there comes a button “Next Post,” How can I change the word “post” with other word(s)?

    3. In the Footer, I want to add an additional words saying Copyrighted (mine company name), how can I do it?

    Please help. Thanks in advance.



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  • karenn1617


    Hello again,

    Just to add one more thing in point 1. (above), along with Author name, also tell me how can I remove date, time, author name i.e. all the things.

    And, the one shown in your demo: the images of post comes in the left side, how it comes?



    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Thanks! Glad you like it.

    I would make any changes in a child theme.

    1) Set .post small to display: none in your child theme’s stylesheet to remove date, time, and author name. To remove comment links, turn off comments by going to Settings -> Discussion and unchecking the Discussion settings for each individual post created prior to changing the main setting.

    2) Post navigation displays the post title, and will default to Next Post/Previous Post if no title has been set. This is a WordPress default; my guess is you need to use a filter in functions.php to change it, or a plugin.

    3) Recreate footer.php in your child theme and you can change the footer text area however you like.

    As for the post thumbnails on the demo, I think that’s because the original images aren’t wide enough to take up the full width of the post area.

    Hi Caroline,

    Thank you for creating a great theme.

    I too am trying to remove the date and author from my posts ie “October 10, 2011 by jacksonwicks”

    I tried the code you suggest above “.post small to display: none” however I don’t think it is in the correct format?

    Sorry I’m not great at coding and usually just copy and paste the code I need to support forums like this.

    my site is


    Actually while I’m here, I have disabled comments on posts, however I would also like to remove the “Comments closed” text at the end of the post.

    Any hints?


    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Hi @jacksonwicks,

    You need to use CSS format:

    .post small {
       display: none;

    You can do the same for the “no comments” message by setting .nocomments to display: none as well:

    .post small,
    .nocomments {
       display: none;

    We don’t really offer CSS support in this forum, but there are a number of helpful resources to get you started here:
    Firebug is handy for troubleshooting problems like this

    In the future, please post a new topic, since this one is quite old. Thanks!

    Did the trick perfectly. Thanks so much!!

    I also realized it helps to refresh my cache when testing if changes have worked.

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