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  • I’m new to wordpress and I wanted to know how to create properly sized thumbnails for the slider images. I’ve tried a few thumbnail plug-ins, but nothing works. I just see a full size photo that’s chopped off in the slider window.

    I have it set to ‘standard’ layout, and I the slider to ‘recent posts’ not ‘featured posts.’

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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    The best way to do it if you want a specific crop is to design/crop your photos to the slider size, either before uploaded (in a program like Photoshop) or using WordPress’ built-in image editing capabilities to crop them just after uploading.

    It’s a photo blog so I want my images to be large, but if I add a cropped version in the post and just assign it as “featured” it should go into the slider, right?

    The only problem with that is that every post will have two versions of the same photo, I don’t want people to look at that every time they click on a post.

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    You need to add the cropped image as a Featured Image, not insert it into the post content, for it to appear in the slider.

    Would that require me changing the slider setting to “featured” v.s. “recent?”
    How would I just add a photo, if not in a post? (Sorry, I’m new at this.)

    Also, what are the dimensions of that slider window?

    (Thanks for the super fast responses.)

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Nope, they’re two different things. Read about featured images here:

    If you’re new to WordPress in general, welcome! And I’d suggest checking out the docs linked at the top of this page, which will tell you more about various ways to use images in posts.

    I’m not sure of the slider size off the top of my head (on my phone) but I think it’s 900 x 300 px or thereabouts.

    I’ll try and figure this out.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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