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  • I’d appreciate any thoughts about what’s breaking here.

    I’m running WP 3.6, and was running Headway 2.0.15. I’m also using Events Manager.

    This has happened THREE times now and I’m losing it:

    Every once in awhile, when adding or editing an event through Events Manager, the site (database?) gets really slow and after clicking “submit” it just spins out for awhile about 1-2 minutes. Eventually the site reloads with the theme (Headway) broken.

    I also once got the following error:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/salype5/public_html/ on line 22 San Miguel de Allende, MĂ©xico
    Powered by Headway, the drag and drop WordPress theme

    Could that accent over the “e” in “Mexico” in the code above be breaking something? If so, where is that even calling from?

    I downgraded to Headway 2.0.12 and that fixed it. But now I just tried to edit another event, and the theme is broken again, and I’ve got nothing to downgrade to now…

    Is this problem coming from Events Manager, Headway, or the combination of the two? Something else entirely? Help, please!!

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  • That accent mark was in the “site tagline,” I removed it and the theme is still broken…

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    sorry can’t give you any advice about this since I haven’t tried this theme. however, is this working on your default wordpress theme?



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    if you haven’t aready, make sure also to contact your theme’s developer for support.

    Thanks, I’ve already contacted Headway. Yes, the site works on the default WP theme. Thanks.

    Ok so I’m not sure I should have marked this “resolved” — I’ve been using the Headway theme for about 4 years on 20 different sites, and this has never happened. So it’s definitely a conflict between Headway and Events Manager. And it happened while working in Events Manager, 3 different times.

    How can I go about resolving this? How do I know where the error is coming from, and if it will/won’t happen again if I rebuild my site? Please advise– thanks.

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    That’s an odd error, what happens when you say ‘breaks’?

    From the error you reported above, the issue is coming from headway. I don’t know why it happens randomly, if you can figure out how to trigger the bug reliably that’d certainly help to figuring out the problem.

    The theme “breaks” — no background color, no font styling, no alignment of any elements. The content is there but the theme elements are gone.

    I only saw that error message once, but the site has “broken” three times. Once I restored from a backup, once I downgraded to an older v of Headway, and now I’m on a default theme.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    you’ll need to take this up with Headway. Happy to liase with them if they can shed some light on what that foreach loop expects and if we’re proving some incorrect data. Please refer them to this thread.

    Thanks Marcus — I’ve pointed them towards this thread. Keep me posted, please, I sure hope this gets sorted! Many thanks.

    It just happened again.
    I added a new event into Event Manager through the submission form (, the page spun out for about a minute, and when it reloaded the theme was broken… again. Fourth time this has happened.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    if you can figure out what you’re doing (e.g. maybe specific data or dates you’re entering) that triggers this problem, that’d be helpful for debugging.

    Marcus, please e-mail me directly at and I’d be happy to work with you to get Events Manager and Headway working together.

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