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  • Hi,

    I have set up a site using a hatch theme:

    My “Posts Page” has alignment issues. The posts link thumbnails are aligning vertically instead of horizontally. This only happens once you redirect the posts page.

    You can see it on my site here:

    How do I get it so the post images to line up horizontally under the header image? I’ve been messing around with the stylesheet for a few hours now and can’t figure it out. I’m sure it is fairly easy, please help.


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  • I’m just seeing the default wp theme at the moment…
    …any templates that are added in that theme?

    Can anyone help? How do I set up the bio text to the left on the Hatch front page? Please give me the step by step instructions as I am new to WP.

    Thanks so much!

    Try reading the documentation for the Hatch Theme. I’m sure it’s detailed there.

    Thanks bdolin, I solved it.

    While you’re at it, would you mind posting a link to the documentation for everyone else posting Hatch theme questions?

    Hello Stinner, were you able to fix your problem with the photos aligning vertically, I’m having the same problem.

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    If you create a new thread with your issue and more information describing it, you are more likely to receive help.

    ok. Thank you!

    Hi guys, I have the same problem as stinner with the alignment of the post thumbnails in the hatch theme when he opened this thread and also ampif, but can’t find the resolution, seems the thread sidetracked a bit to the bio problem of niksy nik. I’ve tried searching for other threads with the resolution but can’t seem to find it anywhere, would like to open a new thread to discuss this issue but am new here and have no idea whatsoever how to open a new thread. I heard about installing a child theme but am not so advanced to mess around with the theme like that, normally the hatch theme is set up to display the post thumbnails horizontally, so why is it aligning them vertically, normally it shouldn’t be necessary to install a child theme, since that’s what it’s supposed to do from the beginning anyway. I read something about it possibly being the posts that are set to 100% thus taking up all the space and therefore displaying it as a full line, but if I change the percentage in any of the css section it affects other parts of the page, for example the main header image on the static page or squeezes the post entry and everything about it on the left hand side, leaving the reast of the page blank. Can anyone help me with this? Would really appreciate it, spent 3 hours fixing the main image on the static page and have tried searching for the solution of this problem as well but haven’t managed to find it anywhere, seems everytime this topic gets posted the entries in the thread seem to sidetrack or just not be closed. My page is and it’s the journal section causing me trouble in case you’d like to have a look, really really appreciate any help, thank you in advance!

    – B

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    If you create a new thread with paragraph formatting, you are more likely to receive help.

    Thanks Andrew, didn’t know how to create a new thread at the time, will repost it now, sorry.

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