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  • Mmm… I didn’t try that function yet (I’m also using Hatch Theme). Have you tried making the post a “gallery post” in the Edit Post options? It should be on the right!

    nope, i dont see any options to make it a Gallery post

    do i need a plugin add they gallery?

    I just saw this and liked it too for a tattoo site. My friend just opened a shop.

    I will give a try and see if i can get it to work! :-]

    Id like to know how to do this like that site with squares on the front, any idea??

    I am using the gallery function of wordpress – after you created your post, upload your pictures for the gallery on this post and then go on “Gallery” (next to from computer, from URL etc) and you can define your gallery settings and insert it into the post. Works in Hatch for me.

    which plugin do you use to edit the gallery ?
    I’m tryng simpleviewer but I’ve some difficulties

    Hi sorry for the last …. question.
    This is my first experince about blog, and often I’m confused.
    I don’t understand because you have written about a post,
    but I wont have it at the header or at the front as funktheory said.
    How can you manage the post ?
    I’ve nextgen as plugin Galler doesn’t work for me.

    I think people are not sure what you mean. If you want to add squares to the homepage/frontpage then try going to – settings>reading then set “Blog pages show at most” to add more squares/thumbnails/photos to the home/front page.

    If that does not add them then maybe you have to have the photo set as the “featured” image for each post/entry. Featured images should show on the post add-new/edit page almost always found on the bottom of the right side bar.

    If you dont see it then at the top click the tab (top right) that says “Screen Options” and check “Featured Image” to get it to show in the sidebar. As far as I know you dont need another plugin for galleries.

    You can add a gallery to a post by using the photo uploader to upload all the photos. It should show a “Gallery” tab on top of that same uploader. You can put the photos in any order you want and choose how many columns you want to put them in. This is for a post not the home page. Unless you choose that post to be your homepage.

    I hope this helps but I am not sure if I answered your question but it may help some. Not sure if you want to add the square thumbnail photos to home page or a gallery in a post…2 different things…lol


    Thank you your answer has been very usefull.
    I want to add the square thumbnail photos to home page
    I prefer this one,by the way is possible to do it by the css or php file or both ?
    Do you know where I can find some instruction or which code this needs ?
    If this question is not clear I’ll redo it, differently.
    Thank you

    did u try –
    “going to – settings>reading then set “Blog pages show at most” to add more squares/thumbnails/photos to the home/front page.”
    If u did try… did it or any of the suggestions i made above work?

    I will try to set up a demo site with a unused url so i can try to do it…i used this theme a while ago for tattoo site but use diff now. From what UII remember It added the square thumbs to home as I made post (W/photos). It added them up to the # set in “settings>reading then set “Blog pages show at most”

    If you have no post with photos it will so none!

    Can u give url to your site .. it might help to see it.

    Ok ….i set up a demo site for this theme (again) it is here (temp time only). i made 30 post and the grey squares show grey only until i add a photo as FEATURED IMAGE or by inserting into post.

    I got it set in settings>reading then set “Blog pages show at most” to show 30 post on home page and it does but I only had enough photos to feature/insert. and It should work for 100 if i had time to do that many.

    If u messed with the theme files at all i would delete hatch and re-install to be sure it is not messed up in any way.

    I can make short videos to show exactly how if u need me to. Just let me know what u need them to show.

    Hi, thanks for the answer I keep tryng to have success,
    I want to say that I’m not english speakers so can be a little more difficult sometimes.
    Anyway following yours first message and I can say that
    in the “Edit Post and Edit Page screens” there isn’t the possibility to add post-thumbnails,
    and in the “screen option” (top right) of the post, I don’t find anything to check “Featured Image”.
    Always following I read the hatch functions.php file and I didn’t find the following code “add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );” (of I’ve the 3.4.1 )
    Could it be for this that I can’t to set the Post Thumbnail ?
    I hope good

    I tried my had at making video..maybe it helps…sry no sound.

    It may take time to load it is about 71MB! Have to mess with Camstudio mor to get smaller vids in future! If play button doesnt work then right click the vid and choose play from that menu. SRY. It is swf flash video I have .avi if you need but it way bigger file.

    i had to rush thru a bit but tried to show how many posts and set the home page # of squares shown. If total post = more than set # to show on home then they show on page #2. I have 34 so if set to show 30 then 4 will be on page #2. If I set toshow 100 then all (up to) 100 will show on home. No page #2…3…4 then.

    I showed how to add “thumbnail” or any photo to a post and set Featured Image right from the download page.

    I hope this helps! 🙂

    Thanks a lot, by the video I have had “the way”, I don’t wont to speack too early, but I hope to finish the blog shortly.
    You are great and patient

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