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  • Kurt


    Since upgrading to 3.3, the slider duplicates slides/posts. Also, latest posts at the bottom of the page are duplicated.

    Slider: Slider Options is set to: Show latest posts, number set to: 15 posts. The first slide image and post content is the same as the last slide image and post content. The most recent post is missing completely. The second through 15th slides/posts are correct.

    Current posts at the bottom of the page: Home Page Panes, Type of content is set to: Latest posts, number set to: 2. This looks like the same problem as the slider. When set to 4, the first and last displayed are the same. Number 2 through 4 are correct. The most recent post is missing.

    I’m thinking the indexes being used to organize the output are incorrect due to an update in WP or the theme.

    Graphene theme version: 1.5.6.

    Site URL:

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • Are you sure you’re on the latest version of Graphene? This was an issue with the previous version, but it has since been fixed. See for more information.



    kjodle: Yes, I’m running 1.5.6 – double checked. I should point out that I set up a child theme for the owner of the site. Could that be a cause?

    I read through the post you referenced before posting my question. My problem is a bit different. I don’t have repeating excerpts or widgets.

    The problem is with the slider and with the current posts at the bottom of the page. In both places, the first and last items are the same for some reason. The first item is missing and items 2 through X are correct. Items 2 through X-1 are not repeated. Only the last item is repeated and is duplicated in the first position.

    My normal response would be that it is some sort of plugin conflict (which is usually is about 90% of the time), but I don’t see a lot of plugins on that site. I confess myself stumped. You might want to post this query at the Graphene Support Forum.



    @kjodle: It turns out it is a plugin. There aren’t many plugins running on this site. It turns out that deactivating Wishlist Member resolves the slider problem. Obviously, I can’t leave this one off or find a replacement for it.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions?


    Kurt, I have been searching for others with this problem too. I have tried three different slider plugins all with the same result; the last slide always replaces the first slide. I too have Wishlist Member. I am going to submit this a support request to them. I will post back here if i find a resolution.




    I apologize for not posting a follow-up response to this problem. WishList is aware of the problem although the support techs aren’t necessarily aware of the issue. You’ll probably get a response indicating that it’s a theme issue. It’s not. It has to do with the query and what is being returned or filtered by Wishlist.

    Wishlist hasn’t released an update since this problem was identified. They do have a fix for it but it hasn’t been released. I have a copy of an unreleased version of WLM. The person who gave it to me indicated that it does solve the problem. I never installed it because it’s not a supported version yet. I would assume that the fix will be included in their next update.

    If you want a copy of the beta release just contact me through the member link on this site. The beta release number is: 2.71.1173. The current supported version is: 2.71.1166.


    Hey Kurt, I am having this same issue as well. Can you send me the beta they sent you to see if it will fix my issue? I would greatly appreciate it.

    There is no contact info in your member link. Your contact form on your website is not functioning as well.

    please send me an email to Thank you




    Copy emailed to you this morning.

    Thanks for letting me know my contact form wasn’t working. I suspect an update was causing the problem.

    Kurt, Thanks for your offer. Please send me the new 1173 release at

    Hi Kurt,

    I’d be grateful if you could send me one as well if you still have it available to

    Thanks so much!

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