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    Your testimonials plugin looks great, but could we please have an example of the syntax for calling the theme function?

    You say:
    <?php echo testimonialswidget_widget( $args, $number ); ?>
    testimonialswidget_list] ■[testimonialswidget_list]
    ■[testimonialswidget_list category=product hide_not_found=true]
    ■[testimonialswidget_list category=product tags=widget limit=5]
    ■[testimonialswidget_list char_limit=0 target=_new]
    ■[testimonialswidget_list hide_source=true hide_url=true]
    ■[testimonialswidget_list ids=”1,11,111″]
    ■[testimonialswidget_list meta_key=testimonials-widget-company order=asc limit=10]
    ■[testimonialswidget_list paging=true limit=10]
    ■[testimonialswidget_list tags=”test,fun” random=true]

    Can you please give an example of calling this out? Some people rarely use WP and PHP and don’t regularly setup Arrays for calling.

    I get this error:

    Missing argument 1 for testimonialswidget_widget(), called in /home/public_html/wp


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  • See above post, I also get this when I think I have it setup properly:

    Using $this when not in object context in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/testimonials-widget/testimonials-widget.php on line 680

    Is there a bug in calling it out this way?


    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Does the following help?

    $args = array(
    'category' => 'product',
    'tags' => 'widget',
    'limit' => 5
    echo testimonialswidget_list( $args );
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