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  • Me too, have the same query as heatherhuman above, I dont want the user to be redirected to the wordpress login & register page when the user enters a wrong user name or password, but he/she must be given an option to recover the username and pasword else create a new account. thank you in advance. I am a newbee to buddypress/wordpress.

    You could do this by editing the proper template files, probably sidebar.php. If you’re not sure on what templates are, read up on them here:

    Good luck!

    Thank you angslycke, will give it a shot…

    Solved !

    If your using Frisco BP you dont have to touch the sidebar.php template
    Follow this instruction:

    Do not modify the core Frisco-for-Buddypress files, but instead use David Carson’s smart usage of creating our own “functions-custom.php” and “custom.css” files, so any future Frisco updates don’t erase your customizations.

    Though I usually modify the actual code with a filter for functions-custom.php for stuff like removing specific functions (e.g., the Buddypress login form), as it turns out the simplest way to do this for a non-coder is to:

    a) Create a custom.css file with your text editor

    b) Place this CSS in it:

    /* remove login form */
    #login-text {display: none;}
    #sidebar-login-form {display: none;}

    c) Save it as custom.css and place that in the frisco-for-buddypress theme folder on your server.

    d) Use any sidebar login plugin of your choice
    * I got this from steve…
    Done… have fun !


    Have another problem, Frisco, Buddypress theme. The body part of the static/post pages refuse to show up. I can see the title but after I enter the content in the body and publish it I dont see it in the site. Only the title shows up but he body is missing.

    I tried everything and now here I am, one you wonederful people please help me out.

    Thank you….

    Theme Author David Carson


    Do you have a link Andy?

    Hi David !

    Wow the man himself, love your theme, thank you for the reply.
    Somehow after I installed the share plugin the page behaves normally.
    But now I have another problem,emails are not sent to my users gmail-id
    after registration. It was working fine earlier, i subscribed two users
    as a test entry. The signup complete screen appears saying email will be sent but I dont receive them no more.

    My link is

    Also I tried adopting your original demo page code, but its giving me errors, I love that stuff, I am very new to wordpress, so php is greek to me.

    Thanks in advance !
    my link is :

    Hi David !

    Sorry to bother you again, the emails are sitting in spam, this did not occur in the earlier two registrations and so i did not bother to look in the spam folder. is there any way to bypass this. I don want my users to be searching in spam. Also how to get rid of the Activation Key page.

    It would be kind of you if you could furnish me with your DEMO code that I can directly put in my function-custom.php without any “glitches” that would be fantastic. I can go live soon.

    Sorry all these queries, but I am Very exited…

    Thank you

    Hi David

    Everything works great, just need to know :
    1) how to avoid the registration email getting into spam.
    2) the css file of your demo when added into the custom.css file under frisco them does not have any effect on the registration page.

    thanks again

    Theme Author David Carson


    1) how to avoid the registration email getting into spam.

    This is not really a theme related question but more of a WordPress/BuddyPress general question.

    The solution will depend on your hosting/DNS/email setup. But you might try the following plugin:

    If configured properly, it can allow you to authenticate the emails being sent and should help prevent automated messages from being flagged as SPAM.

    2) the css file of your demo when added into the custom.css file under frisco them does not have any effect on the registration page.

    The CSS file I provided in that other thread corresponds to the HTML I inserted into my registration page using the custom functions file. If your HTML is different, then the CSS will not work the same.

    Howdy David!

    Thank you so much for this quick reply, I dont know how but I think its a miracle. This morning I woke up and the CSS works great. My registration page looks awesome. wonder how that happened !.
    But overall the site is lookin great.

    Will try the plugin you sent me to authenticate emails. Until then have a blessed day.

    Thanks a tone !


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