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  • Hi David

    Great work on the theme.
    i’m not an expert but are you missing a plugins.php in /wp-content/themes/frisco-for-buddypress/members/single/settings

    It seems like the div containers – sidebar-squeeze and main-column are obviously not in the main BP theme, so when a plugin is used that affects the members page, it breaks the layout.

    I resolved this by copying your layout into the BP theme’s plugin page – however that’s not a great solution. I tried creating a plugin.php in your theme – but it had no impact – I’m probably missing something.

    Again Member page impacting pugins like “Invite Anyone” will break the Frisco theme layout – I think because of the lack of a plugin.php view at the Frisco level.If I am right – its a simple fix probably that you can update for us.

    Your thoughts… and we really appreciate all the work. It’s one of the only BP themes with any sense of design (IMO)

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  • Theme Author David Carson


    I see it now. Thanks for the heads up.

    There is no plugins.php file in the Frisco theme right now. You can fix this on your own by copying the file from bp-default, and then adding the Frisco divs to it and dropping it in your theme.

    I’ll try to update the theme soon to fix this bug. Thanks again.

    HI David

    I know you are crazy busy. Any guidance as to when a fix for the plugins.php issue will be released. I think a few items on the forum are plugin related – and people are doing crazy customizations of your theme or the plugins… making future upgrades a nightmare. A standard release from you would be awesome…


    I totally agree with Batsirai

    Theme Author David Carson


    The theme will be updated on when the next version of WordPress and BuddyPress are released.

    In the meantime, you can grab this file.

    Drop it into the /members/single/ directory and you should be good to go for plugins which are related to users. I just tried it with Invite Anyone and it works for me.

    It’s also worth noting that the plugins.php file in /groups/single/ currently has a typo that might break layouts. On line 39 of /groups/single/plugins.php, there is a comment that is missing a closing tag and that causes the next closing div to be left out. So if you are having any issues with group-related plugins, that fix might be useful.

    Thanks David. That did work…

    But I’m waiting for the update – so I can comfortably install plugins, and update when you release new versions without worrying about customizations I’ve done.

    Theme Author David Carson


    I’ll update the theme once BP 1.6 comes out.

    You mentioned in your most recent message that the theme broke when you updated to WP 3.3 and BP 1.5.2.

    I just upgraded to Buddypress 1.5.2 (and WP 3.3) and it killed Frisco… have you tried it? The WP upgrade went fine, but the BP update deactivated Frisco.

    I have been testing both WP 3.3 and BP 1.5.2 and the theme (Frisco Theme Version: 1.5.04) seems to be working without any major issues aside from a minor style issue in the dashboard. So double-check to make sure you’ve followed the upgrade procedures for BP and WP. If the theme is deactivated for any reason, that shouldn’t be a problem. Reactivate it once the upgrade is complete and it should work.



    Hi, first of all, thanks for a wonderful theme!

    I’m having some issues that I think relate to the missing plugins.php. I get messed up layouts when using the following plugins:

    – Buddypress-followers (adds followers / follows tabs to user page)
    – BP Group Hierarchy & BP Group Organizer (reorganizes the group page)

    The plugin you mentioned (Send invitations) works with the proposed fix above, but the layouts are still messed up on other pages.

    Any hints or suggestions? 🙂


    Theme Author David Carson



    BuddyPress Followers plugin is actually not utilizing the plugins.php file in the theme. If you look in the Followers plugin folder at wp-content/plugins/buddypress-followers/_inc/templates/members/single/ you’ll see the template files it’s using.

    I was able to fix the layout issue by adding in some div’s to match the Frisco theme.

    Open up the following.php file in the /single/ folder and replace it with this:

    I installed the Group Hierarchy plugins and the layout on its pages seemed fine. Might need some minor CSS/style updates, but nothing major.

    I installed the Group Organizer plugin, too, but wasn’t able to test it because the settings on my test site weren’t saving to the database. You might want to contact the plugin developer directly.



    Thanks for the quick reply David. I managed to get the followers plugin working from your instructions. If adding divs to match the Frisco theme is all it takes to make other plugins look right, I’m sure I can manage fixing the others too 🙂 Thanks again!

    Theme Author David Carson


    Sure thing. You might need a little custom CSS to make it fit your theme even with the new file I included in my last message. But it sounds like you know what to do.



    Hey David.

    I’m loving the Frisco theme. It’s very elegant. I am having a similar problem as described above, but with a different plugin. I’ve installed the BuddyPress Album plugin for photo albums. When I view the album or photo page within my member profile, the sidebar area is broken. The entire sidebar slides up over the top section of the layout. You can see this if you toggle between tabs from this page:

    If you click over to one of the other tabs from the profile page (such as groups or forums), you’ll see the proper display of the Frisco theme. But when you click back to the “album” tab, you’ll see the problem with the sidebar.

    I fixed the broken comment tag you mentioned above, but that did not help. I also tried adding your plugin file to the /members/single/ directory, but that didn’t help either (unless I screwed something up in the process).

    Can you offer any insight on this? I love the Frisco theme and want to keep using it. I know there has to be a way to fix this. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Theme Author David Carson


    I also tried adding your plugin file to the /members/single/ directory, but that didn’t help either (unless I screwed something up in the process).

    Can you offer any insight on this?

    Adding that plugins.php file will help on image upload page layout for that plugin. So if the layout looks good on the image upload page on profiles, then you did it right.

    But the Gallery plugin uses its own template files for the other pages. So all we basically need to do is add a couple divs to the plugins template files.

    Go to your /wp-content/plugins/bp-album/includes/templates/album/ directory.

    Then open up single.php and pictures.php.

    For single.php, replace the existing code with this:

    For pictures.php, replace the existing code with this:

    I only did some basic testing but that seemed to do the trick for me.



    That did the trick. You, sir, have been more than helpful. I appreciate it.

    Hi David, Frisco theme is very nice. Good work! Thats repairs very useful.

    You rock. Thanks, David. Frisco is great, and your repair for bp-album works perfectly.

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