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  • I’m going to have a go at building a wordpress site for an old friend to help him sell his old and very collectible reggae collection. I am looking for a theme which will allow me to sell a physical product,and collect the necessary info relating to the sale via the cart, but allow me to place an mp3 clip and a picture in the product description. He’s a good fella and has to sell his old wax to help support his new and beautiful baby girl. I’d like to do him proud.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • You’d probably be better off looking for a plugin to provide the ecommerce functionality. There are lots to chose from. You might also find this thread useful:

    Then look for a free theme that provides the layout that he wants.

    Thanks for the input Esmi, it’s really appreciated. I’ll look through those plugins now, but what I’m trying to do is save myself wading through endless plugins or themes that can’t actually allow what he needs.
    If anyone knows if there is there an ecommerce plugin that allows for the sale of a physical product with an mp3 taster or how to create that? I’ve just got no idea how to create this myself. If someone told me: “Ok, you can definitely do it with this plugin.”, then I have enough knowledge/enthusiasm/foolhardiness to wade through and work it out but as I’m a real newb, working out how to adjust the functionality of a plugin is very difficult for me. Before I posted I did an extensive theme search and every wordpress music theme I came across was aligned for digital product.
    There is still a lot of vinyl flying around out there, I’m sure there’s a solid wordpress solution out there as well.
    Mean time Esmi, thanks again.
    Now…. Anyone?

    I can only answer for eShop but, in that plugin, you could certainly sell a physical product and have an associated digital taster. eShop just uses core Posts and/or Pages. So you can add the mp3 to the page using any method that you want (plugin or WP’s core Add Media) then add the vinyl product to the same page as a purchasable item.

    OK, great. I’ll start with trying the eshop plugin with the theme on Monday, and update the post as I go. Thanks again Esmi, you’re a star.



    Hey Esmi,
    I’d just like to thank you for steering me towards eshop. It’s such a great tool. I’m sure there will be a few trials and tribulations on the way but I’m going with it as my chosen e commerce plugin. I’m going to get my mate to donate to the developers. Credit where credit’s due.
    Sweeeeet Plugin.

    Jon (imagei).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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