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  • I wanted to show a selection of downloads in a list. Got my developer (Imran, from to create this theme to show a list of DLs w/ small thumbnail and brief desc using this shortcode:

    [downloads tag=”TAG” category=”CAT” template=”sixsec”]

    Style is for Pootle theme, which we use on – probably need to change for your theme….

    Page goes live in a few days, after Mar 9 you can see this live on our emotional intelligence festival site


    	margin:0 10px 10px 15px;
    	margin:0 10px 10px 15px;
    ul.dlm-downloads, .dlm-downloads li{margin:auto 0;}
    .dlm-downloads [class*="span"]{margin-left:0;}


     * download list with small image for [download] shortcode on
    global $dlm_download;
    $sixsecdl_link_title = '';
      $sixsecdl_link_title = sprintf( __( 'Version %s', 'download_monitor' ), $dlm_download->get_the_version_number() );
    <div class="span8">
    <div class="sixsecdl-image span2">
    	<a class="download-link" title="<?php echo $sixsecdl_link_title; ?>" href="<?php $dlm_download->the_download_link(); ?>" rel="nofollow">
    	<?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail( get_the_ID(), array(70,70)); ?>
    <div class="sixsecdl-detail span6">
    <a class="download-link" title="<?php echo $sixsecdl_link_title; ?>" href="<?php echo $dlm_download->the_download_link(); ?>" rel="nofollow">
    	<?php $dlm_download->the_title(); ?> (<?php printf( _n( '1 download', '%d downloads', $dlm_download->get_the_download_count(), 'download_monitor' ), $dlm_download->get_the_download_count() ) ?>)
    <p><?php echo get_the_excerpt(); ?></p>

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