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  • Can anyone advise me which themes work with All-in-One Event Calendar 1.9.2.

    I have tried a few themes including custom themes and all seem to have problems. I have tried the theme compatibility advice on the Timely website which does not help me.

    Twenty Eleven mostly works for me All-in-One Event Calendar 1.9.2 but I need a theme with some more display features.

    Thank you

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  • I’m using without any issues till now 🙂

    I’m using Artisteer 4 themes and they well with ai1ec, with two small code segments added to the theme style.css file. If you elect to go with Artisteer, let me know and I’ll paste the code segments.

    Thanks for your replies.

    I have tried Responsive and had problems.

    Artisteer looks interesting, but I really want an off the shelf free or premium theme that will work out of the box, with All-in-One Event Calendar.

    Our developers are aware that we have a conflict with this theme. Thanks for reporting.

    There are thousands of themes out there so, it’s hard to offer a recommendation without knowing what you’re looking for.

    The best I can offer is, If you let me know of a theme that you’re considering, I can check out list of conflicts and see if it’s present (although we’re not aware of ALL of them, but if it’s a common conflict, i’ll let you know).


    All-in-One Event Calendar seems to conflict with many, many themes, I am using Twenty Twelve at present and there are even issues with that using some browsers.

    I’m very surprised that All-in-One Event Calendar does not work correctly with a default theme.


    Apparently you didn’t read bnkeith22’s comments or you would have seen where he asked you to let him know which theme you were considering and he would check if there was a known conflict between that theme and ai1ec. Also, have you thought about how many different browsers and versions there are?

    I have had one or two small issues with ai1ec, my browser (FF) and my theme and after asking and doing a little digging on my own, those problems have been resolved (with help from the ai1ec people and the theme folks).

    ai1ec is a solid plugin that works..

    I have both free and paid for versions of All-in-One Event Calendar working on sites, but still have issues.

    I did read bnkeith22 comments, however, as posted in other threads timely support have so many support requests “I’m very sorry for the delayed response. We had a high volume of support requests since the release of v1.9.” that all they seem to offer is a standard reply to test for conflicts.

    If “ai1ec is a solid plugin that works..” why are 24 people saying it’s broken and only 10 say it works on 3.5.1.

    Reading this forum, many, many people have issues with All-in-One Event Calendar, there are many posts detailing. lost sites, lost calendars…

    @davejampole – Apparently you have a lot of time on your hands where you can wait for bnkeith22 to check out whether there’s a conflict between ai1ec and any given theme. That’s very nice of the ai1ec support people, but I think most developers have the expectation that the plugin will at least work with the theme they were using before upgrading.


    You are absolutely correct in your stated ‘expectation’, but people forget that there is a virtually unlimited combinations of browsers, development platforms and plugins. Given that, I would rather look at the fact that a new version of a plugin does work. And keep in mind that most plugins are free, although that does not forgive your very valid expectation. And to add to the problem is the fact that developers/users can tweak the the code to their hearts content.

    On one of my sites, the calendar plugin I was running would not run with WP 3.5.1 (where it had worked prior the the upgrade). Whose fault was that – the plugin or WordPress, or something else? I posted a message on their support forum and got nothing. I switched to ai1ec and have never looked back.

    So, should all plugins work with every configuration a developer/user has? Yes. But is that a realistic expectation? I think not.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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