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  • Hey

    My blog is here :

    With IE, the blog appears alright. U can see it here:


    However, with Firefox, chrome, safari (and maybe the other browsers that I didnt test) it will look like this


    I suppose the problem lies within the font that is loaded with FF, Safari, and chrome, which is Tahoma. Tahome is larger looking than Arial which loads with IE, and we can see Tahoma used in the menus and titles in the FF screen, while in IE it is all arial.

    For instance, If you look at the upper which contains the pages (under the header banner) , in IE it is arial and the pages are wll within the bar.
    In FF however, they are Tahoma and we can see the two last pages actually outside the bar (indicated by RED arrow).

    How can I fix this ?

    Also. I keep getting script error by the browser. If is as follows:

    Error:’this.mtasrc’ is null or not an object

    What is this supposed to mean ?

    Additional thing, in IE, I am unable to edit the sidebar widgets.. everytime I try to edit a text widget, it just doesnt go .. while in FF it is okay.

    And since you visisted my blog, I wish you can tell me whether its speed is normal or good or slow, and what browser are you using.

    Thanx all for your responses (hopefully )

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  • No ideas ??

    PLEASE ????

    I dont understand .. is my question too effcult to answer ?

    I am really ashamed when I refresh this topic by replying to it… but I really need a solution,,,,


    It’s very difficult to help when your link doesn’t work – so we can’t see your stylesheet. There are simply too many variables at work here, from the default fonts your browsers display, to the font-face: as listed in your stylesheet. Pictures from a link (that is also improperly shown) are not enough. A WORKING link to your site is required to examine your CSS. The browser issues – if any – are up to you to resolve.

    `Hey and thanx for replying.

    That link was working when I posted it, but anyway now it is supposed to direct you to the new server where I have hosted the new version of my blog.

    In any case, I found a great extension for Firefox that deals with CSS in WP in real time (HERE) and I managed to solve the issue of the Tahoma font, and all browsers now load the page with Arial (although in some occasions they still display it as Tahoma, dont know why).

    Now I can see that my blog is problems free, except that buggy look in the corner of the Democracy polls widget in the sidebar. in IE it is displayed well but in the other it has something strange (I cant explain it, please consider taking a look) .

    And I would like to give me feedback on the overall browsing experience of my new blog (speed, look, etc) .

    Thanx !

    UP !

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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