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  • Hi!

    For some reason my theme files are not working. If I change the stylesheet or header.php etc. nothing happens. This happend after I moved my blog from a sub folder to the root. Here’s the blog:

    I’ve tried to delete my browsers cache but no luck. I tried to delete the css file with my ftp client and then everything got out of order (as it should do). So for some reason I can’t use the theme editor anymore.

    Anyone else had this problem?


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  • Maybe I should make a new and clean install of WP and just apply my theme files to the new install? Or is there an easier way?

    Did you move or did you just copy your wp installation to root. If you just copied it you might still be logging into the old installation.

    Hi, thanks for helping!

    I copied it. I couldn’t find a move option in my ftp client so I downloaded the folder and uploaded the files to root.

    did you change your wp-config file to reflect the new change

    Hmm, what do I have to change? Is it the table prefix? I thought I could just move the blog and change the URL in options > general, but maybe it’s not that easy since I copied and not moved?

    Sorry wrong topic for the post above. Your correct all you need is to change the url. One thing I see when looking at the code of your page is that the stylesheet points to the default one not a custom theme.

    What theme is that you are using? It looks great! Can the image header be changed?

    Who are you talking to.

    oops, good point. The question was directed towards jorgent.

    jeremyclarck13: This is probably a stupid question, but how do I correct that? Code + me = trouble..

    mrkingid: Thanks! I’m using the standard kubrick theme, but I have modified it. I made the design in photoshop and replaced the image files in the kubrick theme with my own image files. And I’ve modified some of the other theme files.

    I wasn’t aware you were using the default theme. The code is correct since it’s the default theme. Now as far as the theme files not changing do you have a plugin called wp-cache or wp-advanced-cache installed. If you do then that’s probably the cause, you theme files are being cached by the web server not the browser.

    I don’t have those plugins. Maybe I should just make a clean install. I don’t have any posts or anything yet so why not 🙂

    This is just stupid, so I have to share it. After I moved my blog from the sub folder to the root I didn’t change the url on my admin button, so every time I clicked admin I reached the control panel to my blog on the sub folder (I didn’t delete it just in case). So I was actually changing the css to the sub folder blog and at the same time I had another browser tab with the root blog open which I refreshed after making changes. And nothing happend..

    Yet again, Code + me = trouble. But thanks for helping jeremyclark13!

    Silly mistakes happen to the best of us. Glad to see you’ve got it worked out.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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