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    I had a client purchase a theme from TemplateMonster. I made the website live on HostGator on 10/20. Did some tweaking to make sure all images were pointed to the new domain (vs the test domain) etc. (in other words I had logged into the admin and was using the live website, front and and back end, once installed at HostGator) and I had to give TemplateMonster an FTP account as I had a hard time getting the style.less / style sheet to work properly. Once the site was to the clients satisfaction they ‘signed off on it’, I wrote up their final invoice and then deleted TemplateMonster’s FTP account.

    Today the client emailed me to say the site was just a blank screen. I was able to login to the admin area and after doing so my first thought was to check their files via FTP to see if there were any file change dates, which I didn’t notice.

    It wasn’t until I was clicking through folders and realized that there were NO themes in the theme folder. They were both GONE (and I had uploaded their TM theme, and another standard WP theme).

    Plugins are the same, form plugin, super cache, captcha, cherry plugin.

    No other sites on this hosting account have been tampered with.

    I emailed the client to ask if they had logged in and used the admin and they said no.

    I’m waiting for chat support at HostGator to see if the can find out what happened. Just thought I’d poke around the forums here to see if anyone else has had that issue, or where I can start looking for the reason why.

    1. No one else has FTP access to this account but me and I assume Hostgator (as I said I created a new/unique login for TemplateMonster but I deleted it that same afternoon, I guess they COULD have deleted them all between the time the client and I had our mutual sign off on the project and the time I actually deleted the ftp access… hmm… thinking at max it was 2 hours?!?).

    2. I supposed the client COOOOOULLLD have gone in and done something they shouldn’t have (ie deleted the two themes).

    Okie dokie. I know I could upload the theme folders, just figured I’d have the host provider take a look see in case of shenanigans. 😉

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  • AardvarkGirl


    I’m bumping this again, because it has happened again.

    I completely deleted the files from this hosting account. Completely downloaded the site and DB from where the site is still functioning on a test hosting account / url. Reuploaded everything… HG even ran a scan of the site after.

    2 days later and the damn theme directory is empty.

    I am running a virus & malware scan on my machine as I type.

    Crazy – that happened to me as well – the website had not gone live yet and luckily I had backed-up the files the day before, but it was still very bizarre and I have no answer to why this would have happened :/

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