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  • First off, thank you so much for this wonderful, responsive, and versatile theme!
    I’m developing a radio website with it now and have run into an issue with jwplayer. Specifically, in every podcast episode we post using PowerPress, the flash player seems to embed a tall black box above it with a play button in the center (as though it was a video). This is superfluous and obstructs the flow of the site. Can anyone help with a way to disable this extra black box?

    Thank you in advance. For a visual reference to this problem, see this link:

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  • Theme Author Daniel Tara


    It’s not a problem with PowerPress. Your theme’s style.css is setting specific height settings to all <embed> / <video> objects that are within your .single class posts. If you feel confident editing CSS, edit the theme’s css and remove the height setting anywhere you see embed/video tag having a specific height set. Remove setting either by deleting the line or by wrapping it in a comment /* height: #px; */

    Theme’s shouldn’t hard code embed heights or widths, it’s usually determined as a ratio of the video’s width and height, which is based its aspect ratio (letterbox or widescreen), resolution and picture quality.

    Daniel, if you’re the theme developer, I would recommend removing embed, video and iframes HTML CSS tag heights. iFrame is also an issue, as most embeds now from services such as YouTube are provided as an iFrame.


    I was browsing Themes, and found this response. You seem to understand WordPress Embeds fairly well. I’ve been through 3-4 themes tying to find the “perfect one” and in the process continually have problems getting consistent vertical sizing for YouTube videos and SlideShare slides. Is there a “Best” plugin solution for this? Often, the horizontal sizing works great, but when the web page is single-column stacked for iPhones, a blank space ABOVE and BELOW the video is portrayed. Do you know any solution for this?

    If your player is getting resized by the theme, (meaning you can use the default twentyten/twentyeleven WordPress theme without video resize problems), then I’d say don’t use that theme or get the CSS fixed that’s causing the problem. If you have the problem with the default themes packaged in WordPress, then the problem is with something else. Do this basic test, you may find the problem is with a conflicting plugin or something.

    Also if your just putting video in your pages (no intention to distribute to iTunes or Android for example) then PowerPress may be way more complicated for your needs. PowerPress settings are there because there’s a lot more to podcasting than just slapping video on a page unfortunately.

    PowerPress allows you to store your embed code outside of “the content” of a blog post, which means other themes/plugins can’t get their hands on the embeds and meddle them up. What would be cool for your situation is if there was a plugin that let you save embeds (without all the podcasting stuff). I know of no such plugin unfortunately, and it would not make sense to convert a podcasting plugin for only embedding video/slides.

    Theme Author Daniel Tara


    I’m actively researching a solution for this. The short answer is there’s no fully reliable solutions because embeds are not made to be responsive (yet).

    Threre are some workarounds and I’m researching which one works best with the theme. I’ll probably go with FitVid.js. If anyone knows a better solution I’ll be glad to hear it.

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