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  • I have noticed this several times: when working on my themes, when I refresh the screen while a page is plotting, somehow WordPress seems to reset the theme from my custom theme back to the default WordPress theme. This appears to be a bug. I have to go in to the site admin options and reactivate the custom theme.

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  • I think this happens when WordPress encounters a page load request at the same time the style.css file is being written. Probably WordPress sees that the file is inaccessible and then reverts to the default theme. A fix would be to change the WordPress core to wait about 5 seconds when WordPress sees that style.css or any other file is inaccessible, and try again before doing the change. This situation is pretty common when one has a heavily loaded server – it was happening to me a few times a day, a while back. Possibly there is a way, too, for WordPress to differentiate the ways in which a file is not accessible.

    I’ve opened a trac ticket on this. I could try to write such a routine myself but I figured I’d give the “pros” a chance to look at it first:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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