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  • Here’s a curiosity I ran into and was able to fix for my site.

    In Elbee Elgee theme the category pages of Events Manager‘s event categories are displayed as a jumbled mess – text with all the HTML markup stripped. With the 2011 theme they are displayed as they should.

    Here’s the beginning of the proper HTML output on 2011:

    <article id=”post-” class=”post- type- status- hentry”>
    <header class=”entry-header”>
    <h1 class=”entry-title”>Category Name</h1>
    </header><!– .entry-header –>

    <div class=”entry-content”>
    <h3>Upcoming Events</h3>

    Here’s what I get on Elbee Elgee:

    <div id=”post-” class=”post- type- status- hentry”>
    <h2>Category Name</h2>

    <div class=”itemtext”>
    <p>Upcoming EventsEvent Title – 10 Elo 2012 – 14:00Event Title 2 – 10 Elo 2012 – 14:00

    All the HTML is stripped off of the page contents, which are then wrapped inside a pesky <p>. After digging into Elbee Elgee code, I found the culprit on theloop.php, lines 17-21:

    if ( is_archive() or is_search() or is_tag() ) {
    				} else {
    					the_content('Continue reading'. " '" . the_title('', '', false) . "'");

    The solution was to remove all others of these while leaving only this line intact:

    the_content('Continue reading'. " '" . the_title('', '', false) . "'");

    ZaMoose and Marcus: What do you think is the best solution for the long run? Should EM display a category’s event lists as something else than an archive page, or should this be taken into accord on the theme side?

    To me it would feel natural that this category’s event list page would be displayed like the main events list page, only as the category in question would have been submitted through the form. After all the setup work of the event list formatting it feels weird to have a list of events by category that follows the main lists’ formatting only if that formatting is copy-pasted from and to the appropriate plugin settings and the category list doesn’t clash with a theme that uses the_excerpt() for archive pages. Especially so since submitting the event form with having selected a category only yields the exact same results but in a different formatting.

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  • After trying if it actually is possible to make those two ways to list a category’s events return a page that looks the same, I found that it is not. First, to recap the two ways:

    1. Submitting the search form.
    2. Clicking the link returned by EM’s #_EVENTCATEGORIES placeholder.

    What is not possible to make the same in both of these is grouping. While it is possible to copy everything else from the Events Page formating setting to the Categories Page formatting setting, the grouping settings are not there.

    My suggestion:

    • Make categories use all the same formatting as events page, including grouping and the display of a search form (where the category would then be pre-selected).

    In the meanwhile I’ll implement on our site a customized version of #_EVENTCATEGORIES that doesn’t link to a separate category page but search results of the category.

    Theme Author Doug Stewart


    This is definitely a bug. Please submit bugs over at the issue tracker, as that will assure that I see it and can coordinate it directly with the code.

    Are you sure? I figured out in the end that a change in plugin side might be more warranted. Haven’t tested out with other than Events Manager’s categories – if it works well for others, it might be a plugin issue.

    But if you’re certain that it’s a theme bug, I’ll file a report on the separate tracker if that’s easier for you.

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