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  • Sorry about the past posts.

    Here is a picture describing exactly what I’m having problems with.

    The picture on the left is how I would like everything to appear and this is how it has been for quite some time now. However, recently I was trasnferred to a new server and for some unknown reason it now appears like the picture on the right.

    I signed up at a new host and uploaded a new install of WP to my host and everything appears exactly like the picture on the left.

    Having said that, I would love to figure out why the picture on the right is like that. My host has checked everything out and there is nothing wrong with the server itself. If anyone can please advise or even give some type of advice I would greatly appreciate it.

    I would really just like to find out what is causing the list of files to appear the way they are instead of the way that it used to appear.

    The circled picture on the left is the way I’d like it to appear all the time but the picture on the right is how it is appearing now.

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  • The left picture show the files of the K2 theme, while the right shows the default theme. Maybe selecting K2 helps?

    I apologize. It does look that way. I’ll get a picture of both using the same theme so that there is no mix up.

    Both pictures now reflect the same theme. This happens with ANY theme, not only k2, even the default theme.

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