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  1. petedutcher
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Under this new junk called WordPress 2.8, when you click in the editor to edit, say the style sheet, or try to paste code in it, the whole sheet does crazy. Tons of lines are inserter throughout the whole document.

    This has officially broken my website...thanks for that. Now I really am ticked.

  2. petedutcher
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Edit files with an outside text editor. DO NOT use the built in 2.8 editor, as it will totally mess up your php or css.

    I had to go in with a text editor and compare the css with the original template one to and edit line by line in order to fix it. Just uploading the original css would not have worked because I would have lost all color changes I had made.

    I cannot believe how much time I am wasting thanks to this junk. I get paid $50 per hour for the work I do, and I've put 5 hours into this so far...and am not gettig paid for it.

    That means $250 worth of working time wasted. Again...thanks.

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