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  • I’ve had several problems with the theme (k2 sandbox) dropping from my installation. All of the files are there and nothing has changed, but nothing shows on the site and the theme is no longer recognized in the wordpress presentation tab. Seems to happen sporadically. I tried deleting the remaining themes, that it would default to once dropping the theme and that did not fix. It has happened three time in a month and then mysteriously returns, wordpress recognizes it, and it shows up in the presentation menu.

    It sometimes occurs after editing the css, but I will revert to previous version of style.css and it won’t fix.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!



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  • More mysterious actvity…

    I reloaded the them under a different name, and both that and the missing theme appeared. Missing theme now working without issue. Is this a known bug? Any solutions?



    You wouldn’t happen to be running WP-Cache by any chance?

    Also, do your PHP/Apache error logs show any errors when you encounter a blank screen?

    I’ve had this exact problem. I use the Spotlight 1.3 theme, under WP 2.1. Increasingly the blog appears blank — and the Presentation Panel shows no theme selected. When I reselect the theme, all is OK, until the next occurence. Sadly, the frequency of this problem is increasing, from maybe twice a month to currently twice a week.

    I tried switching themes, and the same problem reoccurs even with another theme.


    As I travel a lot, I sometimes go 2-3 days without checking the blog — and am disheartened when it comes of blank. I know that I am losing readership, down 25% over past 2 months, from 4900 unique visitors a month to 3500 — and I fear some of that is attributed to the blank screen problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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