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  • Great theme! I’m still in the learning curve but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

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    How harsh. You spent 30 minutes on that gorgeous, well thought out, wonderful example of CSS theme and you think it’s a waste of time?

    Well. OK then. 😉

    Yes, I’m a fan. That left column is supposed to be fixed and immovable and yes that means widgets that fall off the page are not viewable. That’s a design choice and I hope after you’ve read my post here you will consider changing your rating.

    It also took me all of 15 minutes to identify what CSS needs to be updated via a child theme. It took that long because my CSS is just not that good but I have had some practice.

    Give this a try.

    Using FTP or whatever file management tools your host provides you with and create a directory inside of wp-content/themes and name that new directory stitch-child.

    Inside that stitch-child directory create one file called style.css and copy these lines into it.

    Theme Name: Stitch Child Theme
    Author: Self-Help WordPress User
    Template: stitch
    @import url("../stitch/style.css");
    #masthead {
            position: relative !important;

    That will force the #masthead from being a fixed position to a relative one.

    Now visit your WordPress dashboard and activate the theme called Stitch Child Theme. Then add as many widgets as you want, when you scroll down the page the left column will now scroll up.

    CSS-wise this isn’t the best solution and I really don’t like to use !important. Also I’m not sure how this will render on a device such as an iPad. But my CSS isn’t that good and I only spent 15 minutes looking at this problem. 😉

    You can read more about Child themes via this link.

    I used Chrome’s built-in inspect element to identify the #masthead element. You can do the same with Firebug on Firefox. The method I used is outlined in this article.

    I hope that helps you out and again please reconsider your rating. Stitch really is a well thought out theme.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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