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  • Help my new theme does work in Safari but doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. It looks like the cells are shifting and i don’t understand how to repair????

    Anyone help??

    The link of the active theme is: SjefKok

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  • Due to bad xhtml.

    Please fix it, because it forces IE into quirks mode.


    I just notice this in your CSS, topmargin and left margin. in the new CSS it is margin-top: value and margin-left: value.
    As pboosten said its due to bad XHTML

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    Do yourself a favor and find a theme that already validates and you’ll save much headaches. The theme you’re using is obviously an amateur effort; there are many free themes that look good and validate and display correctly in all browsers.

    thank you all for replying, i’ve been working with it and now seem to have find a way of making it work still some errors but no extremli ugly ones as far as i can check

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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