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    Hello All,

    Allow me to apologize, I am pretty new to all of this stuff.

    As the title says, my blog appears fine in safari, netscape (mac or pc), and firefox (mac or pc), but the theme wont even show up in internet explorer(mac or pc).

    it can be found here:

    I am using a theme named Wuhan, only with mods to the image files.

    I cant seem to find a solution on the boards, however I’m sure its pretty simple.

    Thanks for any help.


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  • I notice that your style sheet is on a different subdomain than your blog address: IE is fickle about loading stylesheets from different domains or subdomains.

    If moving the style sheet would fix it, how would I change it?

    However, even does not load properly, and wouldn’t that be the correct domain and path?

    I have also noticed that other themes are fine in IE ( on either address blog. or .com/blog/), but it seems that as soon as they are modified problems occur. As well, when I changed the image files, I overwrote the default file in the theme, so they stayed in the same location with the same naming structure.



    I just got home and was able to fiddle around with the files.

    I downloaded the theme again, placed it into my themes folder, and removed the old one, logged out, then back in, and switched themes a few times, finally getting to the new wuhan file. According to several validators, it has issues right out of the box.

    Can anyone confirm this for me?

    If it’s true thats too bad.

    Still any suggestions would be great.


    You downloaded an older version of Wuhan — the Wuhan theme requires two separate .css files: one for IE called style-ie.css, and one for the other browsers, called style.css.

    There is a newer version of Wuhan that includes both css files. Search around on this site for the update.

    Awesome, it worked, or started to at least. The search bar is off and a couple things are out of place, but I hopefully can fix them.

    Thanks a lot.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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