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    I did not create this site, but am trying to manage it. After a recent update, the Primary Sidebar, which was on the right, switched to be over top of the left sidebar. How do I get it to go back to the left?

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  • No one can possible help without looking at the site — link?

    The left column widget (called “primary”) moved on top of the right column widget.

    There is no labeling of sidebars to left and right. The Subsidiary Sidebars are not being used, neither or the 1st & 2nd column, just the Primary & Secondary. Using the terms “left” and “right” would be better.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    BTW, I switched around the left and right in my first post – this one is correct.

    Now I notice another problem. It used to be 100% width & now it’s not. The Site Map link is supposed to be in the navigation.

    I didn’t create this site, so maybe the creator, who’s not available, edited the theme.

    Unfortunately, you have a bunch of html mark-up errors:

    The open, stray and extra tags can and do commonly cause layout problems… So before you do anything else, you’ll have to go through one by one and fix those. Sometimes, fixing one will fix a bunch of others — as they can cause kind of a domino effect.

    This page explains more about Validating if you need it:

    To fix the site map back to the navigation, you need to reduce the spacing between the menu elements — so change this CSS:

    .sf-menu a {
        padding: 5px 7px;

    The second number above WAS 10px — change to 7px.

    Thank you for trying to help me. This does not help very well, though.

    It seems that the templates create the source code. Why would it leave out brackets? W3c doesn’t explain how to fix it. I don’t see a php checker. It sounds like it could be a php problem, right?

    I am no php expert; that’s why we’re using WordPress – it’s supposed to be easy to use.

    Here is a link to what it looked like before I updated the software:

    I would appreciate any additional help anyone can give.

    The style.css refers to other .css files in the library folder, but I don’t know how to access that through the WordPress dashboard. It looks like I may have to get the cpanel login; I hope someone has it. Do you know of a way to access library folders from the WordPress dashboard?

    style.css says:

    /* Reset browser defaults – */
    @import url(‘library/css/reset.css’);

    /* Get layout CSS */
    @import url(‘library/css/2c-l-layout.css’);

    /* Get plugins CSS */
    @import url(‘library/css/plugins.css’);

    /* Get drop-downs CSS */
    @import url(‘library/css/drop-downs.css’);

    /* Get default CSS */
    @import url(‘library/css/screen.css’);

    /* Make sure theme clears theme repository checklist */
    .alignright {}
    .alignleft {}
    .alignnone {}
    .aligncenter {}
    .avatar {}
    .wp-caption {}
    .gallery {}
    .wp-smiley {}

    I did find html errors in widget text boxes and I have fixed those, but I still have the problem with the two widgets not being in separate columns. I guess I’ll have to get the server login to edit the css to make it wider. I can’t see how to create a custom css.

    This theme is so complicated; it looks like most of the css and function code are in files that can only be accessed in the server. Once I get access to the server, I’m not sure how I will make the primary widget move to the left column. I will need a wider width for it to fit, too.

    For now I was able to override the css with custom css I added to the style.css file. This is not optimal.

    I need someone who knows this theme. Apparently there’s supposed to be a drop-down box on the widget page to set the widgets to the column you want them in. It says 10 widgets boxes, but we only have 8.

    The update was a real problem.

    Finally got a response. All’s well, but the theme will no longer be supported. Maybe someone else will want to take it on?

    There will be progress as long as I am using dkret as the base for all my supported sites. BUT I had to reduce back end options and functions I really don’t use.

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