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[Theme: dkret3] Adsense widget

  • I have the adsense under the header and for the first couple days you could read the entire advertisements but something has happen to where they moved to the right and now you can only read half. I noticed you have at the end of the page adsense alignment center and right How and where do i use these. Also I wanted to add adds to the boottom of post and maybe pages so i was using box four for that leaving box 3 blank. adds on header and sidebar and end of post enough top of post would be a little overkill


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  • Theme Author kretzschmar


    The new version doesn’t support AdSende anymore. I had to reduce options. Sorry.
    I will release a plugin in the (near) future at my site which adds the AdSense options. That way only the few people using it can activate it and maintaining dkret is easier.

    I updated that theme and discovered you removrd the option. I really liked that theme let me know when you have the adsense plugin. I tried some other plugins but it was easier to just switch themes for now. I liked the header option you have and want to find a plugin or theme that lets me have a slide show in header.


    Is there an approximate timeline for the plugin?
    I had to downgrade a customer site and one of my sites because I am relying on adsense. With “your site” are you talking about http://diekretzschmars.de/?



    Theme Author kretzschmar


    Mainly the homepage of my school. I am a teacher in real life. Dkret was just a hobby. Right now I am more interessted in playing the piano. Most users don’t think enough about donating or supporting devellopment in others ways. I don’t think it is vital to pay for open source themes BUT it is definetly welcome.

    Hi Jörn

    I can feel with you. I have written two plugins and while donations come from time to time, they are seldom…
    Did I understand you right, you will publish the adsense plugin on your school homepage? I am referring to “I will release a plugin in the (near) future at my site which adds the AdSense options. “
    If so, could you post the URL here? Or even better, could you submit it to the regular wordpress plugin repository and post the link here?
    And if you need someone to beta test the plugin – here I am 😉


    Theme Author kretzschmar


    Of course not. I will publish it at: diekretzschmars.de.

    O.k. great – drop me a line if I can help coding or testing the plugin.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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