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  • Please tell me I’m wrong. I’ve put together a couple of blogs and really enjoy hunting down the right themes, trying them out, then hacking them, just a little.

    So today I find the Theme Directory – after going to Google. Because I didn’t know it was called a directory. And when I put it in search,nothing comes up. I can’t even get back to that page. Was it a problem, actually naming it or putting a link somewhere in the Codex, or near the forums? And although it’s up now, after having disappeared for 6? or 9 months, all the categories, such as how many columns, or colors, are gone.

    I see NO categories. Did TPTB decide that going through 1000 themes was the best way to find one? Then I went to Google and find that there are categories by 2 or 3 columns, but only a few. All the rest, who knows? Found this problem has been going on for months: Wow, the whole system is ruined.

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  • I noticed that today as well. 🙁 I went in hoping to find a nice two column layout with widgets and … I have to now go through all of the themes?! I can’t just pull them up by two column / widget enabled selection. 🙁 Why in the world was this changed?!

    Jeremy Clark



    Are you looking here: because this is the official theme repository now, the other has been closed for awhile. It has search and tags as well as by most popular.

    I have build a site to solve this problem.WordPress Themes Center.One of this site’s feature is Advanced Search.For example,you can find a 2 colomns theme with blue color etc.
    Now i’m continuing to add WP themes.You can leave a comment on About page if you have some good idea.

    When I enter 3 columns in the search box, Jeremyclark13, I get one with 4 columns, one 3, and the rest 2 – it’s all crazy, no searching possible at all. All that hard work the developers did, and with no search, no one can find the themes they want.

    The search is useless, and so easy to fix, if someone had just SAVED THE OLD VERSION. It’s really deplorable.

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