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  • Hi, I am working with a project now and I wish to develop a unique theme for my project. But I’ve only 2 days for this. And also I don’t know php. That’s why I am looking for a FREE Tool or Software so that I can create/develop a unique WordPress Theme for my Project. Can anyone help me to find a FREE tool or software for my project? Please help me. It’s urgent!

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  • You’re going to find this VERY hard to find.

    For a start, do you have any designs that you need to work from? Do you have any idea of how the site is supposed to look?

    If you can’t do it yourself, you have two choices. Either download a theme from the themes section here and make any modifications yourself. There’s a few that are pretty good, so something should be able to fit your needs. The other choice is do a web search for something like “free wordpress theme generator” and just see what results you can find.

    Depending on the requirements of your project, you’re going to find it hard to find something that will eactly fit the look and feel that you are going to want. Any time that someone has a need for something “unique” it normally means that you’ll need to learn how to build themes yourself.

    Don’t waste your time trying to make a theme from free WordPress theme generators. The results are usually basic and typically not as good as the many existing quality free themes you get from the WordPress themes directory.

    Your best option is probably to find a theme with the core layout and design you want and just modify the css etc to make it unique.

    Thanks to both of you. Both of you suggest me the right way and now I am try it by myself. 🙂 I hope I can solve it soon and will inform you. Thanks again.

    i would suggest not to rely on software that create themes because they are not very much optimized. it is better to start with a basic theme like twenty ten and then modify it.

    Thanks for your right suggestion. I would like to follow it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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